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Handmade Shaving Brush with Wooden Handle and Synthetic Badger Hair Professional Grooming Tool Designed for Your Closest Shave Ever


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  • TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS - Your new shaving brush is made from synthetic badger hair bristles, so no animals were harmed for it's manufacture. With strong wood handle; meticulously made to last for many years.

  • Gently exfoliates your skin: This brush is extremely dense and soft adequate to feel fantastic soft on your skin when it is time to shave. Damp your face. Develops a soft, rich soap that provides a comfy cutting experience.

  • Easy as well as comfy to make use of: it is extremely soft; it features an ergonomic form that makes it comfy to deal with. The brush is 4 inches long, and the knot (where the bristles satisfy the deal with) is 0.8 inches in dimension. It is a suitable dimension for any type of hand.

  • A FANTASTIC PRESENT - Our artificial badger hair shaving brush is available in a clear present box. This sturdy brush makes an excellent gift for any type of man or the man in your life.


The Product Particulars

* Condition: 100% new.

* Gently scrubs the skin.

* Brings water to the face for that best, true damp shave.

* 4 inches lengthy total; the knot size (where the bristles go into the handle) is 2cm.

* The cutting brushes generate a remarkable, creamy, cozy as well as abundant lather, the largely filled up brush head is optimal for holding as well as dispersing soap, lift the beard as well as soften, open pores, bring adequate water to the skin as well as gently scrub.

* Engineered to deliver the perfect cut of Your Life. Whatever approach you make use of, safety razor, dual edge razor, straight razor or cutting razor, this is the best shaving brush.


1. Moisten confront with warm water to soften hairs.
2. Damp cutting brush, shake off excess water, as well as revolving brush over cutting soap to develop desired quantity of lather.
3. Apply lather in a round scrubbing up movement to shaving area.

Gently scrubs skin: This brush is soft as well as very thick enough to really feel fantastic soft on your skin while you shave. Damp your face. Creates a soft, abundant lather that supplies a comfy shaving experience.

Easy and comfortable to utilize: it is exceptionally soft; it has an ergonomic form that makes it comfortable to take care of. It is 4 inches long, and the knot (where the bristles satisfy the manage) is 0.8 inches in size.


Package Includes:

One Shaving Brush




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