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Handheld Anemometers Temperature Humidity Measure Wind Speed Meter


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Handheld Anemometers Temperature Humidity Measure Wind Speed Meter



1. Low-friction bearing modern technology, 8 blades, low-friction bearing modern technology, bigger blade diameter measurement extra exact, more sensitive reaction.

Handheld Anemometer

2. Wind speed measurement range precision ± (2.0% +30) 0-9999 CFMCMM, CMS) wind quantity measurement array 0.01 resolution.

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3. Wind speed unit dimension RH/ ° C. 4. High-def shade screen backlight screen supports backlight screen, strong light and simple reading measurement at night.

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4. Color high-definition screen with a backlight display. The unit is easy to read at night due to its strong lighting. 
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5. 4 in 1 Quantifiable wind speed, air quantity, humidity and temperature level.

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Rate measurement array:

0.80-40,00 m/s1.40 -144.00 km/h1.30 -131.20 f/s0.80 -77.70 Knots0.90-90.00 mile/h78 -7874 t/m.

Air volume dimension range: 0. 9999 CFM (CMM, CMS).

Wind temperature level: -20 -60" C (-14 -140 ° F)

. Humidity temperature level: -20 -60 ° C( 4-140 ° F). Wet bulb temperature: -50 -60 C (-58 -140 ° F).

Wind humidity: 0-99%.

USB interface.

Display: 9999 count/9999 count with analog bar/dual display.

High-def shade display backlight display supports backlight screen, solid light as well as easy reading dimension at night.

Certification: CE

Model Number: Wind speed meter

Type: Anemometer

Size: 197mmX60mmX33mm

Weight: 180g

Power supply: 3x1.5V AAA

Type 1: Digital wind speed meter

Type 2: Air volume Tester

Type 3: Temperature and humidity Measurement




Handheld Wind Speed Meters and Pocket Weather Stations 

Handheld anemometers are a great tool to use when you want to know the indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as other types of weather conditions. If you are wondering how an anemometer works, you should know that the device uses a sensor to determine the data such as the temperature and barometric pressure as well as wind speed and direction. The device is also referred to as a weather measuring instrument or an air-conditioner meter. In order for you to understand how an anemometer actually functions, it is important to have a basic understanding on how weather conditions are measured as well as the technology used to accomplish this task.


Weather conditions are measured using a sensing unit which is usually attached to a station that displays readings such as barometric pressure and temperature. If the temperature readings on the gauge are higher than normal, this means that the outdoor temperature is unusually high. Likewise, if the wind speed readings on the gauge are significantly higher than average, then this may mean that the wind is picking up an unusual speed. Portable wind power meter and handheld anemometers are widely used by individuals to record and track the various weather related readings. The use of these devices is mostly to aid in the collection of data and to map out patterns regarding temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, and other general climate conditions.


There are several advantages of using handheld anemometers as opposed to manually taking a reading. First, you will need to acquire a wind speed meter to accurately record weather conditions. Second, you might want to get the readings of the indoor temperature because an indoor thermometer is more difficult to use compared to the wind speed meter. Third, some people who might want to track their everyday temperature might want to do so with the help of a handheld weather station. Lastly, if you are going to monitor seasonal weather patterns, then it might be advantageous to use handheld anemometers.


Handheld anemometers come in a variety of different sizes and price ranges. The most expensive models are generally standalone units, which allow for greater portability and mobility. The majority of portable devices, however, are bundled with handheld thermometers or with a selection of pre-programmed thermometers. With certain brands of handheld weather stations, you can also purchase anemometers that have been pre-programmed to take various measurements depending on the type of the environment in which the device is being used. Some of the most popular brands of these units include the SIA and CliqS units.


Some other features that some handheld wind speed meters and pocket weather stations offer includes an automatic shut off feature, low battery indicator, and auto calibration. In addition to all these features, many devices also have a hands-free mode which allows the user to conduct another task while taking his or her measurements. It is also possible to receive push-button instructions in an audio format if you would rather not use the built in readout feature. Many of these devices are also compatible with the Bluetooth technology, which is used by numerous handheld devices in today's society.


These devices are highly accurate and can be relied upon for outdoor readings whenever conditions are less than ideal. If you have any doubts about your current outdoor conditions, you should check out the accuracy levels offered by some handheld anemometers before making a decision as to which one to purchase. Outdoor weather conditions can play havoc on the accuracy of any handheld weather station and a small variation could have drastic effects. In order to guarantee that you receive an exact reading, you may want to purchase more than one unit and keep them in different locations. This will ensure that each measurement that is taken is more accurate than it normally would be.








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