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Hair Straighteners with Comb for Black Hair Hot Comb for Black Hair


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Hair Straighteners with Comb for Black Hair Hot Comb for Black Hair


CERAMIC HOT COMB With ceramic modern technology, electric warm comb supplies also warmth, leaves your hair glossy, as well as frizz-free when straightening out hair.

TEMPERATURE SETTING The warmed comb can be adjusted to various hair types according to temperature level.


hair straighteners with comb

EASY TO USE This small and basic straight brush features a 360-degree rotating power cable which allows you to operate it with all of your the benefits.

SIMPLE TO CARRY Super lightweight as well as small, hassle-free to take and relieve to utilize. Suitable for straightening frizzy, curly and afro Caribbean hair types.

BENEFIT The 20-30 2nd variable warm settings with quick warm up makes this the ideal warmth press comb for every person. High warmth retention hair gives even for warm conditions making it shinier, frizz-free and silky.



Straightening Comb

Item Information

Voltage: 110-240V Volts (Universal Global Voltage)

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 80W

Fever: PTC

Subject Material: ABS

Thermal conductive material: tourmaline ceramics

Heat conduction diameter: 16mm-20mm

Temperature Control and Efficiency Adjustment: LCD, 120C-230C

Line length: about 2 meters, 360 degrees rotating power cord Automatic shutdown for 60 minutes.


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Power: 60W-100W

Commodity Quality Certification: CE

Temperature Controller: Knob

Min. temperature: 120 ¬įC

Applicable hair: Dry & wet

Max. temperature: 230¬įC

Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode: 360¬į Rotatable

Model Number: WT-044

Dimensions Of Heating Plate: Others

Thermostat Adjustment Segments: 1

Material: ABS

Optimal styling time: 1-2 min.

Material of thermal plate/bar: Tourmaline ceramic

Certification: CE

Certification: RoHS

Certification: FCC

Certification: CE

Item Type: Iron

Power Source: electric

Service life of thermal plate/bar: More than 50,000 times

Voltage: 100-240v (Dual voltage)

Diameter of thermal conductor: 16-20 mm

Power: 80W

Fever: PTC

Temperature & Efficiency Adjustment: LCD, 120C-230C

Line length: about 2 meters, 360 degrees rotating power cord

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 Hair Straighteners with Comb Flat Irons Straightening Hot Comb


When it comes to beauty, for some women maybe their easy easy-fix solution might well be the lip plumping lip gloss for that instant pout; or that lash prolonging mascara for that doe-eyed look which is their supreme charm. For other women, it could be the hair straighteners to accomplish the 'frizz to smooth' search in a matter of seconds.

Ladies have long had a love-hate connection with swirls for several years - if you have actually obtained them you do not want them. Whereas if your hair is stick straight, you would certainly do anything for an all-natural wave. One a century earlier, you probably would not believe the severe sizes ladies went to, to maintain their hair straight. You might have come across the determined few that essentially attempted to iron their hair - with a residential iron! Hair correcting was never ever a simple task as well as lots of a head of hair, and also scalp, were messed up by some of the early methods.


The Earliest Origins of Hair Straightening Combs

There is much evidence to recommend that correcting the alignment of combs as well as straightening irons were on the market as far back as the year 1872, with among the really early implements developed to align hair called the Aligning Comb. It was likewise around this time around that the French inventor Marcel Grateau started utilizing heated rods to correct the alignment of or style hair. It is this tool that helped to straighten out the hair as well as created less damages than other hair straightening strategies.

From the 1880's, mastering hair styling methods started to gain momentum. Back in the year in 1880, France hairdresser Alexandre Godefroy connected a hood to the chimney of a gas range and also developed the globe's very first hair-dryer. 

In 1905, German hair stylist Charles Nessler created the permanent wave for individuals that wanted swirls. Likewise in 1906, Simon E. Monroe patented the hair straightener that consisted of metallic teeth which were utilized to brush through hair. 

In 1909, Issac K. Shero patented some of the more advanced hair straighteners. These hair straighteners were made up of 2 flat irons that were warmed and pressed together.

Once again in contrast, by the 1930's masses of ladies desired an extra bouncy style to their hair, which was aided by the intro of the "cold wave". The cold wave was considered a quick option as it took only 2 hours at the beauty parlor to accomplish.

Throughout the years, making use of different steels and products has actually been attempted and examined for straighteners and also curling tongs alike. Light weight aluminum was utilized previously on and steel was certainly made use of in the process as well. Nowadays most suppliers use ceramic as well as tourmaline - both of which offer terrific results.

Currently, into the 21st century, there are numerous methods to create the hairdo of your dreams. The excitement in aligning techniques has pestered beauty salons with choice from long-term techniques, to chemical, Japanese, or thermal methods.

Whichever course is selected to attain those lush sleek locks, keep in mind, Shirley Temple made a career out of those curls. Just know that you do not have to be straight-laced!

A great deal of females have difficulty styling their curly hair. Correcting the alignment of swirls are often additionally required for those who are pleased with curly hair yet wishes to alter their look temporarily. Conditioners and shampoos do not address the trouble as well as do not provide hair level of smoothness and sparkle. To obtain the appropriate form as well as appearance, you require a hair aligning brush. It is a practical modern-day as well as secure gadget for producing smooth, stunning curls in your home.

Key sorts of correcting the alignment of combs

Ceramic comb. A correcting procedure is straightforward and quick with an electric straightening comb. The bristles of such a comb are covered with porcelains, raising your hair at the roots, and also delicately impacting your hair.

Combs with ionizer as well as without it. These brushes with the ionizer produce negatively charged ions on the tourmaline covering. They get rid of frizz and promote healthy and balanced hair.

Combs with flexible heating as well as without it. Straighteners without guideline feature warm up to 180 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, that is optimum for most types of hair. Several models also feature a liquid crystal monitor to enable visual control of home heating.
Hairbrush-forceps. Generally, have a ceramic coating.

A round electrical brush for straightening your hair. It is great for straightening dense curls. Such brushes typically have a steel or ceramic base.

General technological functions of correcting combs

Most models of electrical brushes have typical technological solutions for convenience as well as safety and security:

The side row of teeth do not heat up. This protects against burns when utilizing the appliance.

The heating element is placed in such a manner that it does not enter contact with the scalp.
The comb is connected to the circuit; the electric existing heats the comb's teeth. The majority of gadgets have a function for adjusting the home heating temperature level as well as control monitor.

The ceramic surface of this comb is heated uniformly as well as maintains the warm well. This ensures that you do not over-dry the hair as well as do not dehydrate it.

Hair Straighteners with Combs are convenient as well as very easy to make use of. It is necessary to adhere to the rules of utilizing the comb, and also then you can be certain to get the desired result without hurting your hair.
Such hair straightening devices were made popular in the past by the likes of Lillie Langtry, Adelina Patti and Annie Malone. 

The Madam C.J. Walker Empire

Madam C.J. Walker, owner and Chief Executive Officer of the Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Business

Many that aspire to release a service venture must get rid of significant hardship as they construct their dream. We can safely assuming that no one had a more difficult path than Madam C.J. Walker, who was the orphaned daughter of freed servants and a previous laundress that ended up being America's very first female and also initial African-American self-made millionaire. 

Born Sarah Breedlove in the state of Louisiana in 1867, Madam C.J. Walker established her hair treatment items business, the Madam C.J. Walker Production Company, in 1905.

She was a female with vision; outright idea in herself and her service version; nerve, decision as well as enthusiasm. As all successful business owners do, she saw an issue, set concerning addressing it and generated income from the service.

She understood there was a massive and also disgruntled market waiting to be touched (African-American females). When she created a scalp condition that triggered her hair to slim, she consulted them for recommendations and also experimented with different remedies, store-bought as well as home-made.

Madam Walker constructed a global service; her items were also provided in the Caribbean as well as South America. By the year 1917, she had actually become the nation's very first self-made female millionaire, owner and President of the nation's most effective African-American and also female- owned business.

Hair correcting was never a very easy task as well as several a head of hair, as well as scalp, were wrecked by some of the early techniques.

There is much proof to illustrate that straightening combs and also hot irons were on the market as far back as 1872. The one of the very initial executes established to correct the alignment of hair called the Correcting the alignment of Comb. 

Finding Electric Straightening Combs For Black Hair


One thing that you need to be careful of when choosing hair straighteners with comb is the heat settings. When straightening black hair you want to make sure that it gets the same intense heat from the straightening combs as it would from a hot iron. The reason for this is because black hair tends to be very coarse. If you use a hair straightener with a low temperature on your hair, it can damage it and leave it dry and brittle.

 electric straightening combs for black hair

There are also some safety issues when straightening hair with a comb and electric straightening iron. You need to make sure that the straightening comb is fitted tightly around your hair. If it's not then it's possible for the comb to pull the hair. This can cause not only damage but can make your straightening efforts very undesirable.


Using a hot comb for straightening your hair is also a very time consuming process. You have to keep moving the hot comb over your head while it straightens your hair, which can be very difficult to do if you have a lot of hair to straighten. It can also burn your skin and hair.


There are some electric straightening hair straighteners that have safety sensors built into them so that you can be sure that the straightening iron itself isn't going to touch the skin of the person straightening your hair. This is a very useful feature to have if you're trying to get a straight look and not make any mistakes. The only problem is that sometimes the safety sensors can get accidentally activated by the straightening iron. So, if this happens don't worry, just remove the sensor from the combs and let the hair straightener recharge.


Another very important consideration when purchasing straightening combs for black hair is how often you're going to be using it. Most combs have an effective lifespan of around two months. But to get the most out of your straightening comb, you should purchase one that will last the longest amount of time. The cheaper the better, usually. It may seem like a good idea to buy the cheapest comb you can find, but remember that you're spending more money in the long run to pay for that.




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