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Glowing Rings That Glow in the Dark for Men & Women
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Glowing Rings That Glow in the Dark for Men & Women

Please put the ring where it can be exposed to sunlight or UV light for 5-10 minutes.


Then get to a dark place and watch it glow like crazy!


Repeat these steps anytime and keep it glowing. 



Correctly Sizing Your Finger


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Rings That Glows In The Dark: Tips For Finding Glow In The Dark Jewelry

Glow in the dark finger rings have become a phenomenon for several reasons. It is fun to use glow in the dark rings at night when going out on dates or going to parties. People who glow in the dark enjoy wearing glow in the dark jewelry because it makes them stand out from the crowd. They will always be noticed with glow in the dark rings and this can lead to some interesting situations. Many people have used these glow in the dark rings to play pranks on their date or friends.


One of the first glow in the dark rings that were made for night-time use were carbonated. These glow in the dark rings had a plastic or rubber dome inside them. The glow in the dark ring would rotate and would cause the wearer to glow brighter. These glow in the dark rings did not last very long because the plastic began to wear down. Eventually, the glow in the dark rings began to go yellow and the rubber dome became brittle and broke.


Soon after this, the new glow in the dark rings that gave off different frequencies of light began to be made. Newer rings gave off longer wavelengths of light and were not as brittle. Some people would even use these newer rings during the day and then wear them under their clothing at night. They would glow in the dark underneath their clothes!


Soon, companies began making glow in the dark necklaces. Some of these glow in the dark necklaces gave off a light enough glow to see but did not give off enough light to irritate anyone. Other glow in the dark necklaces worked better and did not irritate anyone as the glow faded over time. Some glow in the dark necklaces worked so well that they became a fashion accessory and were worn by celebrities and other famous people. One of the most famous who wore one was Michael Jackson.


These glow in the dark rings help to make one's nights more fun and enjoyable. It is easy to fall asleep at nighttime when the lights are out. You do not have to get up in order to see your stars or the moon, and you can sleep in until morning without having to get up and go outside. When your eyes are tired and your mind is tired, it is much easier to go to sleep at night when you have glowing rings that you can shine light on.


In order to enjoy all the benefits of glow in the dark jewelry, it is important to find the right glow in the dark jewelry. There are so many options available for those who are interested in the glow in the dark world of jewelry. These rings, necklaces, and bracelets can be found in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. This is great because people can choose the glow in the dark jewelry that makes their night sky glow brighter. This way they do not need to purchase the biggest and brightest glow in the dark item they can find.


These rings make perfect gifts for birthdays and other celebrations. You can also glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as gifts for special occasions such as baby showers and anniversaries. Many people like to give a glow in the dark necklaces as gifts for friends and family members who live far away and cannot travel to a dark cave in order to celebrate their birthday. These items also make wonderful gifts for Halloween, which falls on a monthly basis during the month of November.


When it comes to looking for rings that glow in the dark rings, it can be difficult because there are so many available choices. However, it is helpful to do some research online about which types of glow in the dark jewelry are best. By reading reviews and talking with other people who have bought similar items, you will have a better idea of what it takes to find the glow in the dark rings that glow in the dark. Then you can shop confidently for the glow in the dark jewelry that you want.





Meteor Rings - So Bright - Day and Night

Add brilliant color to your nighttime ensemble by accessorizing with our amazing glowing Meteor Ring. 

This ring employs the use of two distinct types of glow powders that combine to create an eye-popping glow when fully charged with a UV light. The glow will remain visible for several hours after it’s charged. Your ring will charge every time when it’s exposed to any source of light, including daylight. 

Our Meteor Rings are made with high-quality resin and photo luminescent powder. After each ring is set they are high polished to a beautiful gloss finish.  

Correctly Sizing Your Finger (Watch Video Below)


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