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Folding Gymnastics Mats Gym Yoga Tri-Folding Non-Slip Mat


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Folding Gymnastics Mats Gym Yoga Tri-Folding Non-Slip Mat 70x23x2"



Six feet long and two feet wide (Dimensions - 72-inches x 24-inches) and two inches thick, strong high thickness EPE foam cross-linked polyethylene is excellent for exercises and activities, such as aerobics, yoga, Pilates, martial arts and MMA. StayĀ sure-footed when exercising.

Folding Gymnastics Mat

The surface is constructed from non-toxic lead-free sturdy 18 ounce slit immune and also non-absorbent vinyl. Dampness immune innovation makes the floor covering to be quickly washed with soap and also water.

gymnastics folding mats
Outstanding strength enable you to maintain your balance throughout any workout design. Caring manages as well as lightweight make it simple to take the mat around.
gymnastics folding mat

With a hassle-free Tri-fold layout, the Acrobatics Yoga Floor Covering with Hand Buckle goes any place you are so you can exercise anywhere.Ā 
folding gymnastics mats
Made from 22 density EPE and also 0.6 mm PU, it offers a non-slip, soft surface for all the assistance, as well as convenience for you for appropriate positioning in yoga positions, gymnastics in addition to various floor exercises. Smooth surface area is very easy to tidy. It features a textured back for additional grip on smooth floors.
gymnastics mats folding

A collapsible, 3 panel style as well as manages on each floor covering make it very easy to store as well as transport your floor covering.Ā 
gymnastic folding mats

Enhanced measurement: Unfolded 6' x 2' x 2";Ā Folded measurements: 24" x 24" x 6"


gymnastic folding mat

Length: 183cm*61cm

folding mats for gymnastics

Material: 22 Density EPE Peal Cotton & 0.6mm Thick PU Leather

folding gymnastic mats


folding gymnastic mat
gymnastics folding mats for home
folding gymnastic mats for home
pink folding gymnastics mat


1. Feature carrying handles and a folding, 3-panel design for easy storage and transportation

2. Made of 22 density EPE and 0.6mm PU. Provide comfort and support for any hard falls

3. Provide a soft, non-slip surface for all the support and comfort you need

4. Perfect for yoga poses, gymnastics as well as other floor exercises

5. Smooth surface is easy to clean

6. Textured back for added grip on smooth floors

Ā folding panel mats gymnastics


1. Material: 22 Density EPE Peal Cotton & 0.6mm Thick PU Leather, GYM Mat with Magic Tape on All Sides

2. Color: Rose red

3. Unfolding Dimensions: (70.87 x 23.62 x 1.97)" / (180 x 60 x 5)cm

4. Folding Dimensions: (23.62 x 23.62 x 5.91)" / (60 x 60 x 15)cm

5. Weight: 2.4kg / 5.29lbs

6. Type: Three Folds

folding panel gymnastic matĀ 

Package Includes: 1 x Gymnastic Mat

Advantages of Using Folding Gymnastics Mats

Gymnastics mats are the most essential gymnastics equipment for gymnastics practice or lesson. Gymnastics mats are made from a different material. Some gymnastics mats have thicker and more durable foam, while others are made of synthetic rubber or plastic. It is also available in different size and shapes that make it easier to use.


The main purpose of gymnastics mats is to provide a good surface for gymnasts during workout, warm-up, stretching, and cool down. Apart from that, gymnastics mats also help gymnasts perform their tumbling and jumping routines without any slipping or tripping. This gives an added advantage for those who are doing gymnastics in their school gyms. There are a wide range of gymnastics mats available in the market. Some of them are quite expensive and made of high quality material. These gymnastics mats are suitable for gymnasts who perform tumbling and jumping routines on the floor.


There are several gymnastics gymnastic mats available which come in two types: fixed and adjustable. In fixed-gymnastics mats gymnasts can move freely across the mat without any hindrance. Adjustable gymnastics tumbling mats provide gymnasts with more stability. They help gymnasts to get accustomed to the new pattern of gymnastics training without having to change their gymnastics training mat immediately. It also enables gymnasts to learn more about tumbling and jumping techniques without being disturbed by their mats.


It is very important for gymnasts to have a mat which gives good grip on the floor. This is why many gymnastics mats come with extra grip rubber layers which reduce grip pressure. These mats also prevent gymnasts from slipping when they are doing tumbling and jumping exercises. However, extra grip layers are not necessary if you use folding gymnastics mats. This is because these mats consist of a heavy plastic layer which provides extra support and extra grip to the gymnast while performing the exercises.


Some gymnastics trainers prefer to use non-slippery gymnastics mat for the purpose of tumbling and jumping exercises. But, this is not a necessity because most gymnastics instructors also prefer a sliding gymnastics mat for this purpose. If gymnasts do not wish to use a sliding mat then they must ensure that the gymnastics mat which they use provides a good grip on the floor. Also, gymnasts must ensure that the gymnastics mat which they use is of high quality and does not wear easily.


There are different types of gymnastics mats available in the market. Among these, some gymnastics mats are made of special fabric and have additional grip. Some gymnastics mats are specially designed to meet specific needs of gymnasts. For example, there are gymnastics mats which have thicker padding and provide extra resistance to gymnasts who wish jump or tumble.


Another very important feature which all gymnastics mats offer is extra stability. This stability is provided by the extra springiness in the gymnastics mat. These springs help in reducing the shock to the gymnast's body. This feature is very helpful for gymnasts who perform tumbling or jumping exercises on the gymnastics mats. Thus, these gymnastics mats offer all round benefits to gymnasts.


Another major advantage that these gymnastics mats offer is the increased range of motion that they offer. They are made of special rubber so that they can move in a smooth manner. Thus, gymnastics becomes an easier task for gymnasts. Thus, apart from providing gymnastics exercises, these gymnastics mats also prove to be healthy for gymnasts as well. They prevent gymnasts from joint injuries and reduce strain on gymnastics joints.


The folding gymnastics mat comes in different sizes and the gymnastics mats offer various features. Therefore, gymnastics trainers can pick the size and color as per their requirements. Apart from gymnastics exercises, these gymnastics mats can be used for regular household activities like washing clothes and doing other household chores. This is because it is easy to fold up the mat and keep it in the closet for future use. Thus, this gymnastics mat can help gymnasts safeguard their health and make their chores easier.


Another important benefit of gymnastics mats is that it protects gymnasts from cuts and bruises. It is not only the man but also the floor beneath it, which can cause gymnastic accidents. The gymnastics mat has padding in between the gymnastics bars which prevents the gymnast from being cut by these mats. Thus, it protects gymnasts from cuts and bruises. Apart from protecting gymnasts, it also ensures safety and reduces the risk of accidents.


As mentioned earlier, gymnastics mats come in different sizes and designs. Thus, gymnastics trainers and gymnastics coaches can choose the best size of gymnastics mat according to their needs and requirements. There are different brands of gymnastics mats available in the market. Most popular gymnastics mat brand names are Rubber mats and Foam mats. Most of these gymnastics mats are made from high quality materials and they last for years.





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