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Foldable Bluetooth Keyboards Jelly Comb Dual Mode Bluetooth & USB Wired


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Foldable Bluetooth Keyboards Jelly Comb Dual Mode Bluetooth & USB Wired

    You can manage your device without a mouse with the left and ideal switches of the touchpad. Really practical as well as small dimension for the user. Keep in mind: The Touchpad attribute is not compatible with iOS tools.
    An incredibly slim as well as collapsible keyboard can be an ideal present for anybody who frequently takes a trip or on an organization journey. It allows you to operate your mobile phones on the go. Write quick, very easy, as well as error-free! It is likewise a good selection for editors.

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard


You can attach the keyboard with your tool by means of Bluetooth or USB cable. Your device will certainly focus on to recognize the USB wired setting when you connect at the same time. When you remove the USB cable, the key-board will immediately change to the Bluetooth setting.


With Bluetooth 3.0 technology, the foldable keyboard can work with 3 significant os: iPhone/ Windows/ Android. KEEP IN MIND: [For Desktop Computer PC Laptop without Bluetooth function, you need to utilize a third-party Bluetooth adapter (not included) prior to usage] Folding dimension: 15.2 * 9.7 cm/5.98 * 3.82 inch.


The built-in rechargeable battery is a lot more energy reliable. Simply two hrs to charge, standby time is up to 100 hours. Aircraft-grade light weight aluminum for excellent stiffness. It is very durable as well as having the capacity to stand up to bumps. Durable and also convenient at the same time!Foldable Bluetooth Keyboards

Use Situations

This light-weight, ultra-thin foldable keyboard is designed for individuals who travel frequently.

It makes traveling as well as outside record processing simpler. The mute layout makes typing peaceful as well as comfy.

Top quality black natural leather with a fragile touch and also easy look, appropriate for your laptop and bag.

The best key-board for business trips.


Using Techniques

Attach the key-board with your tool by means of Bluetooth or USB cable.


    • ABS
    Product Size
    • Foldable size: 15.2*9.7cm/5.98*3.82inch.
    • Use key the working current: less than 3mA;
    • Unfoldable size: 30.2*9.7 cm/ 11.89*3.82inch;
    Package Contents
    • Keyboard * 1, manual * 1, charging cable, paper tray * 1




    Why a Folding Bluetooth Keyboard Will Save You Space and Money


    What are the advantages of having a foldable Bluetooth keyboard? Both of these issues can easily be resolved by a relatively new technology accessory: a foldable Bluetooth keyboard. These full-sized keyboards typically have a tiny hinge at the center that enables you to half their size without losing functionality. This means you get all the benefits of a regular full-sized keyboard, but without the bulk and unneeded weight. Here is a look at why you should invest in a foldable Bluetooth keyboards over a traditional full-sized keyboard:


    Compatibility with Older IOS Devices - Most modern smartphones and android devices are equipped with Bluetooth. However, many older devices may not be able to utilize the features of Bluetooth, especially older models without Bluetooth capabilities. For example, an old version Bluetooth headset might not be able to utilize Google maps if it doesn't have Bluetooth. Foldable Bluetooth keyboards can easily be purchased for older Bluetooth enabled devices via Bluetooth peripheral device manufacturers such as Logitech, Apple, and Microsoft and then plugged into your laptop or computer via the USB port.


    Compatibility with Other Windows Hardware - Foldable Bluetooth keyboards are compatible with other Windows based computers via the Bluetooth driver. This means you can easily transfer files from your desktop to your laptop or vice versa via your foldable Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Since they are foldable, you can even take them with you on trips, as well. Just fold up the keyboard and keep it out of sight while on transit. If you get tired of one side of your screen being blocked by the keyboard, simply press the other side to see what you want to do.


    Minimal Risk of Disadvantage - Unlike most Bluetooth peripherals, a foldable Bluetooth keyboard is much easier to deal with than the full-sized types. Most Bluetooth headsets are bulky, unattractive, and can be very difficult to use, plus the batteries tend to run out quickly. Foldable Bluetooth keyboards are both compact and very attractive and come with their own rechargeable battery. This means you won't have to worry about low battery life like with some full-size keyboards.


    Better Integration With IOS Software - Most foldable Bluetooth keyboards are designed to work with IOS programs as well. This means not only can you use the same keyboard for typing, but you can also get used to using the same software as well. For example, if you're working on a document, then you can simply download the file and use the Bluetooth keyboard for input. This means that when you're done inputting the document, you don't have to get out of your chair and input the document again. Instead, you can simply close the screen and let the software do the work. The same applies if you want to send a document.


    Better Key Layout - A foldable Bluetooth keyboard might be smaller, but it's made to make up for the lack of bulk with better key layout. Most full-size Bluetooth keyboards are big, clunky, and hard to use. On the other hand, these tiny keyboards are more ergonomic, comfortable, and are designed to be easy to work with. This is why most tri-fold Bluetooth keyboards have better key layout. The result is that you can type faster and more efficiently on these small keyboards.


    Better Power Source via Micro-USB Port - Most foldable Bluetooth keyboards come equipped with a micro-USB port for charging the battery. Unfortunately, most times the micro-USB port can get messy and it can also be susceptible to damage, thus making the rechargeable battery much less reliable. But thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can charge your battery via Bluetooth right alongside your phone.


    These are just some of the features that foldable Bluetooth keyboards offer. There are many more including those that come bundled with a mouse. However, when it comes to the actual design of the Bluetooth peripheral device itself, the foldable Bluetooth keyboards are by far the best option. Compared to all the foldable Bluetooth devices out there, they are easily the smallest, most convenient, and most reliable. They also happen to be among the cheapest too.





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