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Fairy Light Tree Lamp Spirit Tree Lamp Sparkly Tree LED Night Lamp


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Fairy Light Tree Lamp Spirit Tree Lamp Sparkly Tree LED Night Lamp


Include a stylish and elegant glow in your house with The Spirit Tree - Fairy Light. It's a lighting accessory beautifully crafted to light up your life a bit more. Created to give you the relaxation that you need as it produces a different setting that you'll certainly like.

Fairy Light Tree Lamp

Each tree is completely developed with a delicate bonsai tree design, with stems all covered in marvelous cozy lights. Furnished with water resistant light grains that enable it to provide good lights that lasts. These light-emitting pearl light beads are very carefully crafted to be the source of light right into your house.

Versatile and Adjustable

It's made of versatile twigs and branches that would enable you to DIY or rearrange them. They're entirely flexible to your liking. Outfitted with a button touch sensing unit that allows you to control it.

Fairy Tree Lamp

The light can be powered by batteries or by a USB cable. Can be billed using the latter when attached to any ideal power source. Super very easy to make use of and practical.

Perfect house decoration.

It's a complete essential. An ideal enhancement to any kind of house. Functions wonderful on bedrooms, offices, living areas, and also numerous others. Suitable with the majority of types of home styling or design.

spirit Tree Lamp

Produces an enchanting room any place, whenever.

Fairy Light Tree Lamp


  • Power Supply: USB DC 5V / Battery AAA 1.5 V
  • Material: ABS + Wrapping tape + Copper wire
  • Luminous Flux:1000 (LM)
  • Height: Approximately 45-50 cm
  • Base Diameter: Approximately 12CM

Package Includes:

  • Sparkly Tree
  • USB Cable Line
  • Switch Base




Buying A Fairy Light Tree Lamp


Main Features: This DIY fairy light Tree Lamp - is a great dreamy decor item with a warm, shimmering metallic finish and elegant design. Use it as a center piece on your bed, nightstand, vanity, or living room table. Make it the main highlight of your celebration or wedding reception (it will look absolutely cute in your favorite photos). Your little one will love how it looks, and you'll be sure nobody gets jealous!


Let's start with the great look and design of this fairy light lamp. It has a very decorative base that is made of black metal. It has three beautiful and colorful mini lights at the three points of the base that shine brilliantly through the clear glass shades. The mini lights are surrounded by a clear glass "aura" that looks amazing when illuminated.


You can see the beautiful effect of the mini lights at every angle when the base is turned to the side. As the base is turned to the side, the bottom three points of the lamp shade illuminate the mini lights. The top of the lamp shade is then lit as well. This is a wonderful effect that is both beautiful to look at and extremely functional. The clear lamp shade is also useful because it can be easily removed and washed clean.


The light bulb for this fairy light lamp is made of a classically elegant crystal. The lamp shade also has a classic crystal shade that allows you to enjoy the beautiful shade as well. Both materials are very durable, so they are both long lasting. They also come with a warranty to give you peace of mind that your purchase is quality.


The base of the fairy light features three mini lights. They are placed in an upside down U shape so they look like three spindly little trees. When turned on, the lights dance and twinkle as the air around them dances with light.


The lamp is small enough to fit in the corner of even a table. You can place it anywhere that is convenient and beautiful. It looks great next to a desk or next to an accent wall. You can put it in a large room and still have plenty of space for your fairy decorations. This is a perfect example of how a small decorative item such as a lamp, can create a large impact.


You will find many different styles of fairy lights for sale. Some of them have beautiful figurines on them and some of them are simply made from different colored glass. Some of them have many different designs and some of them only have a few. The designs that you will find are absolutely amazing. They all feature different colors and shapes and some of them feature fairy faces or other designs.


Many people enjoy decorating with fairy lights. They are easy to set up, take a little effort to clean, and are always beautiful no matter what color they are. You should also check out the different fairy figurines that are available. No matter what kind of fairy lights you choose, you are sure to find a perfect lamp to decorate your home with.


You can purchase fairy tree lamps at most any retail store. You may also find them at department stores. Usually, the retail stores have better prices as they do not spend as much advertising money on their items. They can offer discounts on their merchandise.


If you want to buy fairy lights in bulk then you might want to go online. There are numerous retailers on the Internet who sell them. You can usually buy them at a better price and you will be able to shop around for the best price online.


You can even place your order for fairy lights online and have them shipped right to your front door. If you want to decorate with fairy lights, then make sure that you research the type of fairy lights that you are looking for. Once you get started on the decorating process, you will not want to stop. All of the different fairy lamp styles are wonderful for sprucing up the room. The more that you decorate with them, the more magical they will make you feel.





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