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Face Cleaning Machine Electric Spinning Skin Pore Cleaner


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Face Cleaning Machine Electric Spinning Skin Pore Cleaner 


  • Cosmetic Sponge: Cleans face to get ready for moisturizing or nurturing. This is a key in cosmetology. Just apply facial soap and start cleaning your face effectively with your new face cleaning machine. 

  • Soft Brush: Scrubs dead skin cells to reveal a glowing skin. No injuries to your skin. Could be used with facial solution, hand-washing cream as well as foot-cleaning. This is important for proper dermatology. 

  • Pumice: Carefully scrubs, polishes and smooths rough callus skin under foot or joint. This is very important to facial skin care. 

  • Massager: Utilize it to do massage therapy in your every part of your body.

  • Latex Brush: Latex sponge-soft Latex Brush used for eyes and also cheeks, make you more youthful as well as elegance. This face cleaning machine is something that you should use after you remove your makeup. 



5 in 1 Electric Facial Cleaning Machine

  • Healthy Skin: Deeply cleanse your skin's pores, while rejuvenating skin cells and eliminating acne. 








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