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Eyelash Perm Kit Eyelash Lifting Kit for Growth


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Eyelash Lifting Kit Make Up for Eyelash Lift Kit for Growth



The Eyelash Lift Kit includes the following:

Perming Cream # 1.
Fixatives Lotion # 2.
Repairing Gel (Glue).
Pure Essence: To Nourish Lash.
Keratin increase: To boost and also smooth lashes.
Black Coating: Coat Lash After Treatment For A Shiny End Up and also Leave On.
5x Silicone multiple-use Pad Sets Size: S, M, L.

eyelash lifting kit

What are the advantages of an eyelash lift?

Offers an appealing curl to straight lashes.

Visually 'opens up' the eyes.

Quits lashes from pressing against the backs of spectacles or glasses.

Eliminates the requirement to curl lashes with a warmed or clamped lash curling iron, conserving time and effort.

Improves the lashes without the demand for mascara, perfect for vacations and also every day.

Provides a natural boost to lashes with little to no upkeep.

eyelash lift kit

Questions as well as Solutions about the Eyelash Lift Kits:

Do I have to be a specialist to use the Lash Lift Kit?
No, if you adhere to the instructions to the greatest as well as see a YouTube tutorial then everyone can learn the technique.

The amount of usages do I get with the Lash Lift set?
The package returns approximately 18-20 applications relying on the personality of the lashes and just how much option is required. 

Generally 1 lash lift session at a charm center can set you back $70-$100.

The length of time does the Lash Lift last?
Approximately 8 weeks (two months) or longer relying on the dropping cycle of your lashes. It is advised that you re-lift your lashes every six or seven weeks to keep the Lash Lift impact.

Just how do I care for my Lash Lift?
Right away after the treatment avoid steam for 24hrs. Mascara can be applied promptly.

Who is a good candidate for Lash Lift?
Anyone that wants boost the look of their all-natural eyelashes, although not advised for chemotherapy clients.

Is the procedure risk-free?
Yes. Lashes are lifted to our specially shaped training pads prior to items are used.

The length of time is the treatment and can i do it on my self?
1 hour. Because of eyelash hair types, the processing times may differ a little.

You can not do the lash lift on yourself.

Will my lashes look much longer?
Yes. Lifting lashes from origin to tip make lashes appear longer as well as thicker and also much more defined.

What are the possible negative effects Lash Lift?
Lash lifting is a chemical process that denatures the lash to reshape it, and also if the lash lift is done effectively by complying with instruction its thought about secure. So please follow directions and video clip tutorial on YouTube if the guideline are not followed properly irritability as well as damage may happen.

The product never ever touches the skin during our process. Inflammation around your eye may occur because of the item removal procedure (cleaning eyes), but must go away within a couple of minutes after the treatment.

Is it risk-free for all skin types?
The Lash Lift Package is evaluated secure for all skin as well as hair kinds.

100% brand brand-new as well as high quality. Seven part Eyelash Lifting Establish.

Eyelash perm is quick, effective, hygienic, and durable. Utilize it to produce gorgeous wavy eyelashes without an eyelash curler.

Provide your eyes seductive sparkle and also interest gorgeous wavy eyelashes! Makes your eyes bigger as well as much more attractive.

Suitable for personal as well as professional usage.

We can guarantee you that our products have been examined and certified. Our eyelash training collection includes gentle components, nonetheless, it is constantly advisable to carry out an allergic reaction examination 24 hrs in advancement.

Product Result:

Have a positive effect on eyelashes. After perming, utilize the layer to repair your eyelashes each week, it can maintain 2-3 months.


Making use of the remedies to shut the eye inaccurately can create inflammation. , if the solutions obtain into eyes flush out with water for 5 minutes or up until gone.. , if the issue lingers go to a specialist.. We are exempt for abuse or damages caused by this item. Please keep away from youngsters whatsoever times.


1. Silicone perming rod: 5 pairs( S, M, M1, M2, L).
2. 2 Hands - Y-shape Perming Brushes: 3 items.
3. Cleanser agent:1 container.
4. Perming agent: 1 container.
5. Taking care of agent: 1 container.
6. Moisturizing representative: 1 bottle.
7. Perming adhesive: 1 bottle.
8. 5ml/bottle False Lashes Glue.

  • We can ensure you that our products have actually been checked and also accredited.
  • Our eyelash training collection has mild active ingredients, nonetheless, it is constantly a good idea to carry out an allergic reaction examination 24 hrs in advancement.
  • Using the options to shut the eye inaccurately can create inflammation.
  • If the options get right into eyes purge with water for five minutes or until gone.
  • We are not liable for abuse or damage created by this product.




Eyelash Perm Kits


An Eyelash Perm Kit also called a Lash Lift, is an eyelash-lengthening technique that produces a flipped-up false eyelash in your current eyelash hairs. The eyelash perm kit was originally developed in Asia and rapidly became popular in the western world. The eyelash perm does last the full life cycle of the eyelash, usually 2-3 weeks, before you require a new set of eyelash lashes. This process is safe and effective for all eyelash types and eyelash colors. In order to be successful, the eyelash perm must be applied properly, every time your eyelash hairs grow.


The eyelash perm kit comes with four main components. The eyelash growth solution contains all natural ingredients. It is an ointment specifically designed to promote eyelash growth. The eyelash growth solution contains an eyelash retardant, which prevents your eyelash hairs from growing out too early. The eyelash retardant is usually made with keratin proteins.


The second component of the eyelash perm kit is an eyelash growth serum. This product includes a thick, clear, pea-size emulsion that coats the eyelash, and keeps it there for the longest possible time. The eyelash growth serum also includes an eyelash conditioner, which thickens and moisturizes the lashes. The eyelash conditioner should be applied prior to the eyelash perm kit. The eyelash conditioner helps give the eyelashes the longest possible life.


The third component of the beauty products eyelash lift kit is an eyelash lift. This procedure lifts the eyelash to the desired length. Usually the eyelash lift is performed over the eyelash pad, but in some cases it can be performed on the lower lashes as well. During the eyelash lift, the beauty products eyelash remover comes into play. With this product you have the option of removing the eyelash before or after the eyelash lift.


Another major component of the eyelash perm kit is the eyelash curler. This product is similar to the eyelash mascara. This product keeps your eyelashes from looking sparse and bushy. The curler also thins the lashes for the shortest possible eyelash length.


The final component of the eyelash perm kit is an eyelash curling iron. This iron heats up the glue and attaches the eyelash extensions. You simply brush your eyelash extensions through the curler and remove them when you are finished applying them. The iron has a nifty double function: it keeps your eyelash extensions connected and the glue from separating. Check price comparisons between different brands.


The eyelash perm kit includes curling silicone pads that are already plumped with glue. These silicone pads will stay plumped with glue, even after you have applied all the extensions to your lashes. The curling silicone pads are what makes the eyelash perm kit so inexpensive; you do not need to buy many lashes to get the eyelash length you desire.


The eyelash perm kit also included a fantastic eyelash perming solution. To use this product, all you have to do is apply the eyelash perming solution to one eye and blend the color into the other eye. To get the best effect, apply the product to your upper and lower lashes first then to the upper and lower lashes. You should see and feel the difference in just one application. For maximum results, apply all the extensions to your upper and lower lashes. If you wanted to increase your eyelash length or wanted to add more volume to your eyes, then this kit was a great option for you.


The eyelash perm kit also included two great lash lift kits. The first eyelash lift kit is composed of eyelash sachets that are similar to the ones used in salons. The sachets are filled with glue and the lid of the sachets slips over the natural eyelash to lift them. This eyelash lift kit costs about $30, which makes it an affordable beauty kit.


The second eyelash lift kit is made up of lashes that are smaller than the sachets. They are held in place with the help of a special eyelash clutch. It does not cost as much as the eyelash perm kit and can easily be applied in about ten minutes. Since these products cost a little less, they are highly recommended by most beauty professionals.


All the products in the eyelash perm kit are designed to last for a long time, even though they are made out of natural materials. The eyelash lift kits are useful for those who want to have longer eyelashes. They are perfect for individuals who spend the majority of their day looking at their eyelashes. If you want eyelash growth with the least amount of time and effort, then these eyelash products are for you.





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