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Eyebrow Stencils Professional Make Up Eyebrow Template Adjustable Eyebrow Shapes Stencils Makeup Model Portable Tool Grooming Eyebrow Shaping Kit


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Eyebrow Stencils Professional Make Up Eyebrow Template Adjustable Eyebrow Shapes Stencils Makeup Model Portable Tool Grooming Eyebrow Shaping Kit


TOP QUALITY PRODUCT: Full plastic for the body and  hypoallergenic material. Used risk-free and high-grade plastic products, soft and also comfy, and also never ever bother with the brow stencils to be fold like paper & also obtain broken.


  • The Adjustable Brow Forms Pattern is among the greatest beauty tools for making your brows on fleek. Pick the excellent pattern that matches your natural eyebrow shape. With Adjustable Brow Forms Stencil, you can quickly draw yeast infection without having to worry about the incorrect place.

  • Nicely groomed eyebrows make all the distinction when it concerns mounting your face. It aids you in precisely place as well as really feel excellent fulfillment on your brows as well as see the magnificent results! It could be much more exact for those that remain in the starting phases of the long-term make-up brow and also lip.



  • Ergonomic, Accurate, Flexible 3-in-1 Scale Function - Matches your all-natural brow form flawlessly so you can make your brows look in proportion and also all-natural. You can change the brow pattern range to match your all-natural brow shape and pick from 3 varied styles. The scale is likewise very simple and convenient to use, as it does not slide out of area neither does it call for challenging instructions.

  • Portable and also small - It quickly folds the eyebrow shaping package to fit any kind of small-sized container. The flexible eyebrow shaper can conveniently be taken apart after that reconstructed for later use. You are able to maintain the brow theme in its initial colorful tin container or any kind of little bag, pouch, and purse.

  • Multiple-use as well as Cleanable - Keeps high quality also after repeated usage. You can form your brows whenever you want without stressing over chipped plastic or damage. When it is washed with water or washed so the eyebrow design template continues to be clean as well as hygienic to make use of, this adjustable eyebrow forms the stencil tool remains long lasting even.

  • Safe for Sensitive Skin - There are no hazardous active ingredients  which are added to the eyebrow pattern's material. The brow pattern will certainly not cause any type of breakouts or damaging reactions during use. Even if your skin is sensitive, you can still shape your eyebrows with confidence.

  • Safe, Sturdy, and also Environmentally-friendly - Each adjustable brow shapes stencil is covered with ABS plastic. The covering is resilient and heat-resistant so you can save this brow design template throughout your residence.


  • Pick one eyebrow design.
  • Put a fixed button hole on the eyebrow pattern.
  • Put the eyebrow stencil layout on your eyebrow. You are able to change and flex the pattern to make it fit your face. Do not worry that it will break.
  • Draw your eyebrows making use of a brow pencil or brow powder with a brush to gently fill in the pattern.

    • 3-in-1 FEATURE: Eyebrow pattern as an assistant tool to aid you in making your eyebrow form to make sure that you can obtain a pair of symmetrical and all-natural eyebrows. This eyebrow design template is adjustable, conveniently create three different designs of eyebrows.

    • EASY TO USE AND CARRY: It can be easily placed in your bag. The eyebrow layout is adjustable. The band use for support the eyebrow stencils and also the manage use for readjust the placement of the eyebrow patterns.

    • REUSEABLE & WASHABLE: Every one of our brow stencils are not for one-time use, however multiple-use and washable. Extremely sensible eyebrow patterns. Eyebrow Forms Stencil as a tool to aid you make your eyebrow shape to make sure that you can get a set of all-natural and also balanced eyebrows.



    • Material: Plastic  ABS, PP, aluminum alloy
    • Color: Pink, White, Black
    • Size: 11cm x 10cm x 7cm

    • TIME CONSERVING: Our brow stencils not just for novices yet likewise for proficient ones. It can quick Help those that common find no eyebrow setting and also have make-up spacing problems to obtain a set of balanced contentment is a perfect make-up devices. You can draw 3 type of brow just 1 minute better than Disposable eyebrow card.

    • The band use for support the eyebrow patterns and the handle use for readjust the position of the eyebrow patterns. Eyebrow Forms Pattern as a tool to help you make your brow shape so that you can get a set of in proportion and also all-natural eyebrows.

    • You can attract 3 kinds of eyebrow just 1 minute much better than Non reusable eyebrow card.




    • 1 x Adjustable Eyebrow Shapes Stencil



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