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Electric Pulse Neck Massager Portable Neck Massager with Heat


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Electric Pulse Neck Massager Portable Neck Massage with Heat

Boost neck blood flow, eliminate neck muscular tissue rigidity and pain issues!


  • In this day as well as age, your neck is dealing with terrific stress after desk work or cellular phone, Makes your head raises the stress as well as ends up being as much as 5 times larger causing neck pain bad stance and fatigue.
  • With the Electric Pulse Neck Massager, offer the much-needed relaxation to your muscular tissue tension and cervical tiredness. Regulates the blood circulation too. An ideal gift for your friends and family.





  • 4 VERSIONS 16 LEVELS OF INTENSITY WITH 4 FACTOR THERMOSTATIC HOT COMPRESS - Outfitted with 107.6 Fahrenheit constant-temperature and also warm compress technique. The neck unwind massager used 4-point fixed home heating layout & 3D magnetic electrode pads to break down electrical current at a minimal strength in order to improve the effectiveness of massage. There are 4 different settings (Begin with the setting of Acupuncture-Knocking-Message-Automatic) and also 16 sort of stamina to meet your requirements.

  • ERGONOMICS STYLE FOR HUMAN NECK THAT IS COMFORTABLE TO USE - The neck loosen up tool features Ergonomic Style and its U shape was embraced in accordance with the human neck cervical. The Massage therapy smart neck massager has been thoroughly crafted to offer its individuals optimal comfort, convenience and also genuinely efficient professional pain soothe therapeutic massage in your home under 15 mins.

  • NO MORE CORDS! ENJOY MASSAGE WHENEVER ANYWHERE WITH BIG ABILITY BATTERY - With no wires running from the controller to the pads, you can utilize it anytime anywhere. The cordless neck massager is light as well as slim, only 0.22 pound. The built-in large-capacity battery enables you to delight in a comfy massage therapy for 10 days after 1 hour fully charged (the green light is constantly on after complete billed), 15 mins each day (With a 15 minutes auto-off function to stay clear of overuse).



Balances your nervous system

 Gets rid of pain

 Soothes muscles

 Stimulates healthy blood circulation

 Boosts oxygen supply, micro-cycle, the nutrition of cell tissue

 Stimulates healthy metabolism

8 well-known medicine massage therapies are combined into one


Color: white
Power : 2 * AAA battery ( not include )
Product size: 220 x 200 x 60 mm
Power mode: battery
Applicable parts: neck, back
Massage technique: tapping
Massage contact: 2

Packaged includes: 

1 x multi-functional neck massager



Electric Neck Massagers For Neck Pain

Electric Neck Massagers for Neck Pain can give you maximum benefits. Neck pain is a very common complaint and one of the most difficult conditions to cure. The neck area, including the spine, has very sensitive nerves that get irritated when they are put through an uncomfortable pressure. This is why getting a massage on a regular basis can be so beneficial.


The electric neck massager is specifically designed to work in your neck without you moving your head or arms. It works by delivering very smooth, gentle strokes that are targeted at the specific points of tension in your neck. An electronic sensor installed in the unit reads the precise areas that need massaging. It then gently provides the right stimulation, which relieves stiffness and improves circulation to the affected area.


You should know that electric massage for neck pain are not toys. Some of them are designed to be used regularly and others for occasional use. In fact, it is recommended that you get an electric massager for every three months as a preventative treatment. Overuse can result in strain, discomfort, and even injury.


Using the electronic pulse massage is very safe. The electronic pulse feature delivers electric shocks only to the muscles being used. No matter how strong your muscles are, the electric pulse will never hurt you. It is also totally safe to use on children since they have small and soft bodies. They cannot understand how the electric shock feels and cannot be hurt by it.


Many people do not feel comfortable having an electronic massager massage their own neck. For this reason, electric massager systems are also sold with a remote control. With the remote control, users can guide the massage in their own way. They can adjust the pressure from a comfortable setting to one that is very hard on the neck. There is a motor built into the electric massager that will work even when the batteries are low. This ensures that the continuous delivery of high-quality massage can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Some electric neck massagers come with preinstalled software that offers a variety of relaxing exercises. These are great to use before and after you get your electric massage. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of different stretching and relaxation exercises. The preinstalled software can be programmed to offer a variety of different exercises, depending on how you want to experience the relief from your sore and stiff neck muscles.


A good electric massager is an investment that will benefit your body for many years. You should invest in a good electric massager that has a lifetime warranty. This will give you peace of mind and good value for your money. Enjoy getting your massage with an electric massager for neck relief. You may find that this simple purchase will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.


Most electric massager for neck relief products are cordless. The battery will run for a period of time before having to be changed. This means you are not tied down to using the product when it is not in use. With most models, the electric massage function can be activated with the touch of a button. Many electric massage units have a dial so you can choose the level of electric massage you prefer.


Most electric massager for neck pain products are corded, meaning that they plug into a wall outlet. While this may be convenient, the cord can get in the way if you need to massage your neck while the unit is on. This means you have to keep the electric massager in a closed space such as in your car, or in a storage area if you do not have a wall-mounted unit.


To find the best electric massager for neck relief, ask people who have used different brands of electric neck massagers. If you visit a retail store, check out the electric neck massage for neck pain that the salesperson has to offer, then go online, and read customer reviews. If you find a model that has a lot of good feedback from customers, you may want to consider buying the unit.





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