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Electric Hanger Clothes Dryer Rack Multifunction Portable Clothes Dryer


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Electric Hanger Clothes Dryer Rack Multifunction Portable Clothes Dryer 



electric hanger clothes dryer


  • The Electric Garments Drying Rack puts the power of a standard dryer in the palm of your hand. It is much more than a garment's hanger. The double action HOT AND COLD modern technology is the fastest, simplest, and also safest means to dry your delicate garments. The rack quickly and securely dries your garments exactly on the hanger. No mess and also no damages.


  • Not only can The Electric Garments Drying Shelf be utilized to completely dry clothes, however it can additionally be made use of to dry shoes by adding unique parts. Just insert your shoes onto the special attachment, connect it, as well as dry it! It is a footwear clothes dryer, and also it can likewise be utilized as a sock dryer.


    electric hanger clothes dryer

      Cold wind as well as warm wind two equipment temperature level change Immediately enter the hot air mode when the device is activated. The clothes are dried rapidly with cozy air at 50 ¬į -60 ¬į. After 3 hrs, the clothes will instantly switch to the cold air state (can additionally be by hand changed to cool air at any time).
      electric hanger clothes dryer
      The drying rack can dry not only one piece of clothes yet additionally multiple pieces of cloth. The load-carrying capability reaches 5kg, which is a good aid for our daily life.
      The Electric Clothes Drying Rack is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for taking a trip! It is easily stored in your travel suitcase. It's ultra-quiet as well as produces no dust. This traveling clothing hanger as well as mobile dryer likewise eliminate bad smells as well as wrinkles!

    electric hanger

      Use Circumstances

      • It appropriates for damp, cold, rainy climate, to aid you dry and disinfect your clothing as well as a range of fabrics. It can hang clothes hanging in the shelf to ensure that your clothing will certainly not wrinkle, the equivalent of the vapor iron.

      Making use of Techniques

      • After turning on the power, the device gets in the standby state as well as heaven light blinks; after pressing the begin button, the blue light stops blinking and turns to a constant red light state. After the device gets in the warm air mode, it will function continually for 3 hours and then instantly change to the chilly air setting Up until the user takes the following step.


        • ABS plastic + electronic components.
        Rated voltage 110V-240V
        Rated power 150W
        Plug standard
        • US/EU/UK/AU
        Product Weight
        • Clothes drying rack: 480G
        • Shoe drying tube: 200G
        Package Contents
          • For clothes only
          • Electric Clothes Drying Rack √ó 1
          • For clothes and shoes
          • Electric Clothes Drying Rack √ó 1
          • Shoe drying tube √ó 1

        electric hanger clothes dryer




        Portable Clothing Drying Hanger With Built in Fan

        For your portable clothing drying hanger with built in fan, you need to choose one with an enclosed motor housing and motor wires located close to the bottom so that they can be easily accessed. This makes it easier to change the clothes inside before storing them in the storage bag. You must also ensure that the wire insulation is not exposed to excessive moisture. The motor should have a handle and a wheel. If the cord is long and you cannot handle the hanger, you can opt for a foldable clothes dryer hanger.


        Portable dryer hangers are highly recommended by most manufacturers as they provide superior protection to your garment from any possible damage. They prevent mildew formation on the fabric of your clothes as well as facilitate easy folding and unfolding of the clothes so that they can be kept in an optimal condition. Some manufacturers provide additional features such as Velcro straps and other accessories such as shoe storage. But the primary function remains the same, which is to protect your clothes from dust and moisture.


        Portable hangers with electric motors are widely used by office and commercial stylists because they produce less noise than electric hangers. They are convenient to use because they can be folded and stored in a small space. There are various brands in the market that produce fine quality electric hangers for clothes at affordable prices.


        In choosing portable clothing dryer hangers, make sure to choose the right size based on the weight of your clothes. The height should also be taken into consideration, especially if you will be leaning against the hanger while drying your clothes. Some people use regular hangers for lighter clothes such as skirts, while others prefer to use the electric hangers for heavy garments such as coats and sweaters. It is also important to determine whether you want a fan or light in your hangers for better airflow.


        How will you decide which hanger would suit your needs best? For those people who use clothes regularly, a fabric hanger may be sufficient for them. If you are just doting on your clothes and often tend to leave your clothes to dry without folding them into quarters, it would be best to use metal hangers. Metal hangers are easier to move around and store. And since they are lightweight, you will not feel like you are dragging your clothes along with you each time you fold them.


        Portable clothes hangers come in different shapes and sizes. Based on your storage and moving needs, you can choose the most suitable type. For those who often use hangers to hang up their clothes while traveling, the travel hangers are ideal. They come in smaller sizes that can be easily stored in your suitcase. This type usually has a large wheel on one side so that you can pull the hanger from one location to another.


        You can also choose between a top and bottom hanger depending on what you prefer. If you are looking to save space, you can opt for the top hanger. This allows you to stack your clothes on top of one another without having to put your clothes on the floor. Meanwhile, the bottom hanger is useful if you are thinking of putting your clothes together after you travel.


        When choosing a portable clothing drying hanger with an air dryer, it is important to consider how many clothes you would like to hang. The hanger with an air dryer is easier to pack since you don't have to fold and stuff your clothes inside the unit. This is especially ideal if you will be taking several clothes with you when traveling. You can simply hang the dryer on the ceiling or on your closet door. If you need to dry your clothes faster, you can opt to get the hanger with a built in fan. The built in fan would keep your clothes hanging in the air until you need to dry them.





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