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Electric Gua Sha Scrapping Massager Cupping Heating Acupoint Therapy


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Electric Gua Sha Scrapping Massager Cupping Heating Acupoint Therapy


 2-in-1 STYLE: This unit combines gua sha massage with cupping therapy. With the warm effect, it activates your skin's collagen and provides constant warm, so that you can unwind your body and launch tension conveniently.

Utilized in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, the 2-in-1 style is all that you need to eliminate pain as well as conduct muscle massage therapy sessions in the convenience of your home.

electric gua sha scrapping massager

GUASHA MASSAGE- Through negative stress and also heat acting on the treatment location at the same time, scratching in one direction can properly break down mark cells and also connective tissue, enhancing the motion of the blood. It likewise benefits your immune system and lower swelling.

Gua Sha massage has also been deemed to be effective for treating low back pain, poor appetite, indigestion, anemia, stroke recovery, infertility, menstrual period cramping, and high blood pressure. 

For skin conditions, the Gua Sha Scrapping Massager has been deemed effective against acne, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Electric Gua Sha Massager

CUPPING THERAPY- the unfavorable pressure functions of the instrument attracts pollutants as well as stimulates body blood flow to your skin's surface to removes toxins, loosen up connective tissue or fascia, while invigorating the local flow of qi as well as blood in the location being treated, as well as fix muscular tissue swelling, pain, as well as tension.


gua sha massage

APPLICABILITY: Our guasha and also cupping massager relate to the abdomen, back,  shoulders, legs and various other body components, and appropriate for those that do not have workout for a long period of time, poor physical condition, lasting psychological stress and anxiety, and physical dysfunction. 


gua sha massage tool

The guasha is portable as well as compact, and also can be utilized anywhere, such as home, health facility as well as even take pleasure in expert physiotherapy whenever you travel.
gua sha scraping massage tool

Please note that inappropriate use of this tool might trigger you to really feel pain. Please describe the manual for information.
gua sha back massage


 1. [Negative Pressure Gravitation] Provide effective sucking to your skin and also adipose tissue to active lymph detoxing feature and improve blood circulation with scraping effect of alternative medicine.

2. [Thermal Energy] Multiply the facial collagen by thermal impacts and also unwind your nerves and also release pressure by providing constant warm.

3. [Magnetic Wave Therapy] Remove swelling and also swelling to eliminate your body fatigue and also advertise physical healing.

4. [Basic Procedure] Quick accessibility to button control and direct display sign on the panel, practical to keep an eye on the functioning standing and also instantaneously power on/off, readjust home heating temperature level or adverse stress intensity degrees as well as established the moment to extensively fit various body components requires as need with excellent convenience.

5. [Secure Power Supply] Can be straight powered by an Air Conditioner power adapter, useful to enjoy loosening up massaging anywhere and also anytime, appropriate for both house and travel usage.

6. [Ergonomic Handle] - Allows for safe and secure as well as power conserving holding convenience also after lengthy time making use of.

7. [Multi-purpose Applications] Can be extensively utilized on your body for cupping, massaging, guasha, fat burning, etc, successfully assisting fit your neck, arms, legs, back, abdomen as well as lower & upper limbs, etc.


Gua Sha Back Massager

Give adipose cells to energetic lymph detoxing feature as well as enhance blood flow with scuffing impact of pseudoscience.

Proliferate the facial collagen with thermal effects and relax your nerves as well as launch stress by providing continual heat.

Quick accessibility to button control and also direct display screen sign on the panel, convenient to check the functioning status and instantaneously power on/off, readjust heating temperature or adverse stress strength degrees as well as set the time to commonly fit various body parts requires as desire with ideal comfort.

Can be directly powered by an AC power adapter, sensible to delight in relaxing rubbing anywhere and anytime, appropriate for both home as well as travel usage.

Can be widely made use of on your body for cupping, rubbing, guasha, weight loss, etc, successfully aiding in shaping your neck, arms, legs, back, abdominal area and also lower & top limbs, etc.

gua sha body massage


Proper Use of Electric Gua Sha Scrapping Massager

1. Please position the sponge filter link into the suction hole to stop the vital oil or other massage therapy item from going into the equipment interior, which might create damages as well as reduce lifespan.

2. Do not stay on the exact same location for over 1 min; And also if you feel any type of pain, please quit utilizing it continuously.

3. People with skin allergic reactions, expecting females, heart attack individuals, individuals struggling with unusual malignant tumor, blood pressure, cerebrovascular disease and those with foreign object need to avoid utilizing this product.


Application: Body

Standard Voltage: 220V

Plug Type: US Plug

Feature 1: cupping, massaging, guasha, weight loss, etc

Feature 2: enhance blood circulation

Feature 3: relax your nerves and release pressure


6-Speed Upgrade Specifications

Material: ABS Shell Color: Red Plug Type: US Plug/EU Plug(Optional) Input: 100V-240V AC 50/60Hz Output: 12V 2A Heating Temperature Levels: 6 Levels Negative Pressure Intensity Levels: 6 Levels Time Settings: 5/10/15/20/25/30 Minutes Main Unit Height: 13.8cm Main Unit Width(Max.): 10cm Massage Head Diameter: 7cm

USB Charging Specifications

Material: ABS Shell Color: Red LED Light Color: Blue Light--Intensity Indicator, Red Light--Temperature Indicator Power Supply: USB Charging Rated Voltage: DC 5V Rated Power: 12W Temperature Levels: 6 Levels Intensity Levels: 6 Levels Main Unit Height: 13cm Main Unit Width(Max.): 11cm Massage Head Diameter: 7cm


6-Speed Upgrade Heating Therapy Package Includes:

1* Cupping Device 1* Power Adapter 1* User Manual 1* Tweezers 1* Tape Measure 1* Bag of Sponge Filters & Plugs

USB Charging Package Includes:

1* Cupping Device 1* USB Cable 1* User Manual 1* Tweezers 1* Tape Measure 1* Bag of Sponge Filters & Nets





Cupping Heating - A Modern Alternative to Heat Therapy


When most people think of cupping they usually visualize a Chinese medicine practitioner holding up a metal stick and causing some sort of energy to flow throughout the body. The thought is that this energy will help to remove blockages, restore balance, and promote healing. While there are many benefits to this form of energy healing, it's important to realize that only a qualified therapist can provide this type of treatment. If you are considering using a Cupping heating pad or electric Gua Sha scrapping massager, you should always be sure that your therapist is certified.


First, what is it? In its most basic form, cupping therapy is an ancient form of energy healing. It involves the use of your hands, fingers, and thumbs to stimulate specific acupoints in the body. Acupoints are known as meridians, which run along the surface of your body. By stimulating the proper meridian points, you can release energy and promote healing.


What are some of the benefits to using these types of heaters? One of the main benefits of using an acupoint heating device is that the heat generated from them is directed away from the person who is receiving the treatment. This makes them especially nice for use by those with chronic illnesses such as asthma. These heating devices typically have two heat settings: low heat and high heat. Some models may even have three heat settings.


Are they safe? They're safe to use on children and on people with no medical conditions, but it's best to check your local regulations before starting your therapy sessions. You may find that you need a license if you want to start doing massaging with electric heating devices on patients who are sick. For many home remedies, including cupping, you'll likely be fine.


Is it easy? With the right instruction manuals, anyone can learn how to perform this type of therapy. In fact, the only real qualification is to be able to recognize where the acupoints are located on the body so you can actually stimulate them safely. Even then, it takes quite a bit of training to master the skills necessary to successfully perform this kind of self-treatment.


Who can perform it? Acupuncturists are the best choice for this treatment because of the nature of the treatment. Acupuncturists are trained to locate misaligned meridians on the body and stimulate them. Unlike a therapist, who may not have any idea where to locate a particular acupoint, a therapist who is skilled at cupping will be able to know exactly where to position the finger on the body to treat that particular acupoint.


Is it effective? If done properly, the results can be very positive. However, just like any other form of energy healing or self-healing, you should always use the appropriate precautions, such as wearing protective gloves and making sure that you do not have an electrical outlet near the treatment area.


The heat generated from the electric current can be very soothing. It can even be soothing enough to induce sleep. As a result, this therapy has become extremely popular in recent years, although there are still people who question its effectiveness, but at least one qualified therapist should be able to convince them of its efficacy.


How does cupping work? Just as when you apply pressure to an acupoint on your body, the electric charge travels from the cupping session into the meridian points. The signals then travel back to the original point through the electric wire.


What can you expect to get from this therapy? For one thing, you will feel a wave of relaxation. This is a natural effect. This effect, however, is only temporary. You may need several sessions before you can feel the full effects.


In conclusion, the heating acupoint therapy has been used for centuries to treat numerous ailments, including pain. It is one of the more relaxing methods of treating aches and pains. However, the degree of relaxation varies from one acupoint to another. This means that you may feel a greater or lesser effect depending on the specific acupoint being treated.




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