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Ear Wax Candling Kit Natural Ear Wax Removal


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  Ear Wax Candling Kit Natural Ear Wax Removal - 30x Candles

First discovered by the Hopi Tribe, Natural Earwax Removing Candles can safely eliminate earwax at home with excellent lead to just a couple of minutes.

Safe, pseudoscientific, natural, and non-toxic - Alternative medicine natural ingredients create a clean, regular and slow-burning flame with extremely little ash or debris to melt earwax from the ear canal so that it can be easily cleaned with a cotton swab. 








Handmade from finest quality beeswax and also natural costs cotton - Beeswax burns with consistency as well as practically no smoke, unlike paraffin oil candles. Ear candling is utilized by naturopaths around the world. 

Advertises leisure and reflection- Draws out contaminations as well as relieving head pressure and also tension and promotes blood circulation.


How To Make Use Of Ear Candle Lights:

1) Prepare your location Make certain the area is draught-free, the temperature level must be ambient and also the lights soft. You might want to have some mild songs having fun in the background.

2) Prepare your equipment Lay out your ear candle lights, a little bowl of water, a mirror, a lighter or suits as well as a set of scissors.

3) Depend on a comfortable placement On couch or perhaps the flooring! Rest your head on a pillow and also turn your head to one side. It' s a great idea to have a person around to aid you, particularly if this is your first experience of ear candling. As soon as you have established your routine ear candling often, guarantee you have a mirror to ensure that you can assess your progress whilst candling.

4) Place the candle delicately in the outer opening of the ear. The ear candle light is fitted with a tiny comfort earpiece, which is positioned carefully in the outer opening of the ear to make sure you have a great seal between the ear opening and the end of the candle.

5) Light the candle light As soon as lit, the candle creates a minor vacuum effect, oxidizing, vaporing and also drawing softened wax as well as debris from the ears. This is a very mild and noninvasive process, as well as you will most likely experience a terrific crackling or soft hissing noise throughout the procedure. The approximate burning time for the candle is 10 ~ 12 mins.

6) Remove the candle from your ear, when the flame reaches the line noting Snuff out the candle in a glass of water and also cut off the melted part.






Type: Ear Candle Light
Material: Wax, Natural Product
Attributes: Non-intrusive, All-natural, Unwinding Therapy
Dimension: 0.8 centimeters x 22cm/0.31" x 8.66" (Approx.).

Package Consists of: 

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