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Dual XBOX Controller Stand Rechargeable Batteries for XBOX Series S/X


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Dual XBOX Controller Stand Rechargeable Batteries for XBOX Series S/X


Battery Charger for the Xbox Series S/X controller: The rechargeable batteries have 2x capacity of 600mAh, which is much more long lasting than various other 500mAh items. When completely charged up, it will maintain 4-5 hours of playtime (each battery).


rechargeable batteries for xbox controller

Compared with disposable AA batteries, this rechargeable battery can save even more cash and also make a fantastic contribution to the atmosphere. This charging station has actually been upgraded in order support Xbox Collection S/X controllers.

xbox controller battery pack

xbox controller battery pack

Video Game Controller Battery Charger Indication: This controller charger for your Xbox has actually LED Indication light, you can examine the battery degree of your Xbox Series S/X controller. The battery sign is in the front of the display on your charging terminal for Xbox, red LED fee indications rely on eco-friendly once controllers are completely charged.


rechargeable batteries for xbox controller

Battery Protection: This charger has a charge protection technology. When the battery is completely charged up, you do not need to stress over damages to the controller, even if you neglect to remove the battery in time.

best xbox controller battery pack

Charger Terminal as well as 2 Charging Settings: We have designed this charger for your Xbox controllers to have a stand feature, and also the original purpose was to save your Xbox controller when you do not need to charge your controllers. Meanwhile, you can locate your controllers whenever you are ready to play. Since each section is private, it can charge a single controller each time or even the rechargeable batteries by themselves. 


xbox controller battery pack


Type: Dual Controller Charger Dock

Compatible: For Xbox Series S/X controller

Battery Capacity:2 x 600mAh

Charging Time: 2-3 Hours

Operating Time: 4-5 Hours (Each Battery)

Charging LED Indicator : Red Light

Fully Charged LED Indicator: Green Light

Input Voltage :DC 5V

Package Included:

1 x Controller Charger Dock

2 x Battery Pack

1 x Type-C Power Cable



Compatible Brand/Model: Microsoft

MicroSoft Model: Xbox360

MicroSoft Model: Xbox One

MicroSoft Model: Xbox

With USB: yes

Model Number: For XBOX Series S/X Controller






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