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Digital Spoon Scale Digital Scale Spoon Measuring Spoons


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Digital Spoon Scale Digital Scale Spoon Measuring Spoons 


  • HIGH-PRECISION SPOON ELECTRONIC SCALE: Makes use of a high precision sensing unit system, overload indicator, the maximum weight measuring up to 17.6 oz or 500g, properly in increments of 0.1 g. An exact range can make your meal extra tasty.

  • 4 VARIOUS SYSTEMS: MODE feature permits you to switch over among various units. HOLD feature will certainly lock or open the weight readout.

digital scale spoon

  • FEATURES TARE FUNCTION: Has a low battery, as well as an overload indicator. The automatic shutoff saves battery life.

  • BROAD APPLICATION: Practical devices to gauge the weight of edible oil, cream, butter, milk, flour, consider both solid and liquid active ingredients.

digital scale spoon

Usage Scenarios

  • Utilizing a spoon scale for the  kitchen is among the most sensible devices for foodies, dieters, and also residence cooks. Commonly used in lab, sector as well.

digital spoon scale



  • ABS material

Product Size

  • Electronic Measuring Spoon: 23CM × 3CM × 6CM

Package Contents

  • Electronic Measuring Spoon × 1




  • Guaranteed for workmanship and high quality, sturdy enough for your day-to-day utilizing
  • Fit for your cooking area and daily diet regimen making
  • Lovely appearance, special surface therapy
  • Wide LCD screen display, very easy to review
  • Instantly locks the analysis when information is stable
  • Reduced power consumption, Reduced battery indicator tare function
  • The range will automatically turned off when it is in a non-use state in order to conserve power
  • Digital spoon range with LCD show
  • Powerful battery operation with low power usage
  • Perfect device to measure the weight of cream, butter, flour, tea or seasonings during cooking or cooking
  • Balance change function ensures your precise measurement
  • Hold feature to ice up the readings on the LCD
  • Powers off automatically after 2 mins


  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Accuracy Resolution: 0.1g,0.01oz
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Main Color: White
  • Display: LCD
  • Scale Size: 228 x 55 x 23mm
  • Minimum Weight: 0
  • Units: G/OZ
  • Maximum Weight: 500g/0.1g, 300g/0.1g



  • Digital Spoon Scale with Soft Handle. Measure Dry and Liquid Ingredients.  Perfect Cooking Tools.

  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.


 digital spoon scale




  • Ideal tool to weigh cream, flour, butter or spices during cooking or baking.
  • Adjustment function ensures your exact measurements.
  • Hold function 
  • Powers off automatically after 2 minutes.
  • Units: G/OZ
  • Maximum Weight: 500g/0.1g, 300g/0.1g
  • Scale Size: 228 x 55 x 23mm
  • LCD display for accurate and easy reading

 Battery: Does not include battery



What To Look For In A Digital Spoon Scale?


A digital spoon scale can be one of the most important kitchen appliances you purchase. This is true whether you are buying one for your own home or for your business. As we go through this article, you will discover why it is very important to buy a digital scale instead of a traditional one.


Most spoons are measured in terms of one hundred grams. One hundred grams is the standard unit used to measure the amount of food and water that you would like to measure using a teaspoon. There are a few different types of measuring cups. Most digital ones come with cups that have different numbers on them such as six hundred grams, one gram, two grams, six grams, ten grams, or twenty grams. If you want to know how much food you would like to measure using your digital scale, simply choose the cup that has the number you need.


How do you know how many grams to use when buying a digital scale? That depends on a few factors. The first factor to consider is what you are weighing. You should only use a digital scale if you are directly measuring the weight of food or liquid. For example, if you are weighing dry fish, you do not need a digital spoon but you could if you were weighing meat or pasta sauce.


The second factor to consider is whether you will be weighing your food and liquids with your bare hands or with a measuring cup and a spoon. Most people prefer to use their hands, but there are some who rely on a measuring spoon. If you are the type to use a measuring cup and spoon, make sure that the digital scale you are going to buy has a safety feature that will prevent it from breaking when it comes into contact with something sharp. Most digital scales sold nowadays will have this safety feature. If your spoon and digital scale are intended for home use, you can use it without worrying about breakage.


Some digital scales are manual but most of them come with a battery-powered digital scale. The weight you see on the scale is the weight that the machine will detect. So if you want to weigh out a hundred kilograms, all you need to do is add up all the kilograms indicated on the digital scales on the website of the manufacturer. If you are planning to purchase a digital scale from an online store, you can get the best price by comparing prices among several stores.


The price of a digital scale will depend on its features. The most basic models are less than $80 and they are really easy to use. You simply add up the amount you want to measure and then read the digital display. Usually, the digital scales display in metric or English units. To ensure accuracy, it is recommended that you purchase digital scales that have a warranty.


When you are looking for digital scales, it is important that you consider how accurate your readings are. There are digital scales that have an automatic calibration system. This system will determine the accuracy of your measurement based on the weight you input. To ensure that digital scales are easy to read, choose a color LCD digital scale.


If you want a digital scale that you can use at home, you can choose from many different styles. Digital spoons come in stainless steel, which makes it ideal for professional chefs. For the average consumer, a plastic spoon is usually more cost-effective. If you are planning to invest in digital scales for your kitchen, you can easily find great deals online....Hint, Hint.



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