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Digital Audio Mixer Boards HIFI Universal Live Sound Card Voice Change


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Digital Audio Mixer Boards HIFI Universal Live Sound Card Voice Changer

Functions: large handle adjustment, fader modification, 27 sort of audio results, vibrant lights, dual phone live broadcast.

Audio Mixer Board

Chip: Pick-upĀ DSP chip digital signal processor,Ā electronic signal determines human voice, accompaniment and also audio impact with multi-channel calculation.


audio mixing boards

Sound top quality: the sound high quality is clearer and extra stable, guaranteeing a sense of depth as well as area between the voice and the expansion, making the audio throughout the online program a lot more mellow and three-dimensional.

digital audio mixer board

Main frequency increased to 320MHz: increase the handling rateĀ of the general-purpose sound cardĀ out there, the online program impact is extra realistic.

digital audio mixer boards

Bluetooth cordless enhancement: Bluetooth 5.0, independent Bluetooth button trick, open up the Bluetooth crucial independently, ā‰¤ 5m high integrity function, 10m reliable range.


universal audio mixer board

Anchor character audio: individualized sound results, distinctĀ four recording keys, can beĀ duplicated many times, produce your own audio impacts.

universal audio mixer boards

12 hour enduring online time: features a built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery, which allows for a long utilizing time.

best universal audio mixer board

Reduced battery tip: when the battery is lower than twenty-percent, justĀ switch the red light toĀ trigger, the button flashes when it is charging.

professional Audio Mixer Board

Sound reduction: one-click sound decrease to improve the sound quality, and alsoĀ raise your voice to theĀ next degree.

affordable Audio Mixer Board

Maximize the voice: the beautiful 2nd voice calls the fans, numerous sound effects, impressive function, maximize the voice.

Audio Mixer Board under $100

Supported tools: phone, computer, tablet compatible, high compatibility, assistance most primary stream systems, likeĀ for Android, Win7/8/10, MAC, and so on.Ā 

audio mixer board reviews

Extensively suitable: clever suitable on the marketplace 500+APPLICATIONS.


Bluetooth audio mixer boards


audio mixer boards for sound effects

rechargeable audio mixer boards


Material: plastic
Color: black
Size (approx): 242*172*28mm/9.53*6.77*1.1inch
Bluetooth version: BT 5.0
Charging voltage: DC5V
Battery capacity: 1800mAh
Headset interface: 3.5mm
Speaker interface: 3.5mm
Live interface: 3.5mm
Accompaniment interface: 3.5mm
Capacitance interface: 3.5mm
Monitoring interface: 3.5mm
Sound card charging: Micro USB
Supported devices: mobile phones, tablets, computers
Support mode: Yingke, live broadcast, fast hand, chat, singing, games, etc.


Package includes:Ā 

1 pc x Live sound card
3 pcs x Live cable
1 pc x Charging cable
1 pc x User manual



What Are Audio Mixer Boards?


In sound production and sound mixing, a mixer is an electronic instrument for joining different sounds of a number of different audio signals together. It is used to combine different signals and create stereo effects. It is capable of transmitting audio information into the desired output and can be used as a music mixer or as a sound editor. It has several analog and digital steps for processing the incoming signal and provides various routing options for controlling the input and output volume levels. The mixer is useful for performing both mixing and equalizing of the audio.


Mixers are used in recording as well as mixing music. Digital signal processing involved in digital audio conversions from one format to another, such as PCM, Dolby Digital, HDMI, and others. Digital to Analogue converters convert digital signals into analogue signals. Digital to Analogue converters are used for both input and output purposes. Various kinds of plug-ins are also available to control the sound of the mixer.


An audio interface is a device that interfaces the computer to a host PC. USB-based interface provides easy connectivity for computer users. Audio interface has a number of advantages over traditional mixer consoles. Firstly, it eliminates the need for costly and bulky cable connections. Secondly, it enables audio input and output through the host computer without the need of external hardware and software.


A digital audio interface saves money and time. All the mixer hardware is kept at the server, which eliminates costly and space-consuming hardware and software. The audio interface also saves time by bypassing the hardware optimizer. Since the hardware is at the server, optimizers are rendered ineffective. Also, it saves time for designing the signal flow and mixing the audio.


The main reason why an audio interface is preferred over other types of computer programs is that it supports multitasking. The operating systems such as Linux, BSD, SunOS, etc. run very fast on a single CPU core, whereas Windows and MacOSX operate efficiently on multiple CPU cores.


In addition, an audio interface has the capability to manage large files efficiently. It also has high portability, reliability, and security. One of the main reasons for choosing an audio interface is to avoid the extra cost of cables and connectors. An audio interface consists of one or more interfaces and it uses one or more I/O devices for input and output. There are several types of input and output devices in an audio interface. Some of these devices are known as modules and these are composed of various functions including volume control, gain control, tone control, and so on.


An audio interface can be made up of several components which include but not limited to FETs, Fuses, IC interfacing, line insulators, capacitors, power sources, digital audio chips, and microprocessor. The term 'audio interface' refers to any board or component that allows input and output of digital audio signals. Basically, every electronic gadget or appliance that contains some form of electronic circuit has an input and output component called an audio interface. The main function of this component is to convert the analog signal into a digital one and vice versa. Let us look into the details of some of the common types of electronic gadgets that use this component.


A mixer in music production: The audio interface is used in music production applications such as recording, composing, editing, mixing, and sometimes the sound processing of the final product. This is considered to be a very important function of all music software since it is often the first thing to be noticed by the viewers and music enthusiasts. The importance of this component is further highlighted by the fact that the quality of the audio produced is dependent on its compatibility with the mixer that is being used. Various models of audio mixer boards are available in the market and they are manufactured keeping in mind the specific requirements of the musicians and producers.

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