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Decompression Back Belt Spinal Air Decompression Lumbar Belt Air Traction


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Decompression Back Belt Spinal Air Decompression Lumbar Belt Air Traction



2 IN 1 DECOMPRESSION BELT:Ā This spinal brace offers medical quality grip and decompression treatment, delighting in a magneto treatment with 2 magnets.

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decompression back belt

DISCOMFORT RELIEF: Stretch & eliminate tight lower back muscular tissues as well as Alleviate lower neck and back pain & rigidity. The belt is specially made use ofĀ for the prophylaxis and adjuvant therapyĀ for lumbar vertebrae illness.

back decompression belt

LOWER THE STRESS OF LUMBAR: With grip, minimize the burden around the tendons and abdomen to ensure that harmed back muscular tissues can get a full remainder.

decompression belt for back pain

ENJOY WHENEVER ANYWHERE: Can be made use of during tasks, or while relaxing and unwinding, such as strolling, resting, resting, horticulture, playing golf, functioning, driving, and so on.

back decompression belt reviews

FITS MANY WAIST SIZES: Belt is meant toĀ fit 29 to 49 inch waists,Ā mobile and light

lower back decompression belt

Thing it can be utilized for:

1. Prolapsed back intervertebral discs.
2. Abnormal feature of little joints of the lumbar vertebra.
3. Hyperplasia of back vertebra.
4. Strenuous jobs needing heavy training.
5. Long time driving or sitting.
6. Scoliosis and spondylolisthesis.
7. Reduced back pain caused by obesity.
8. Degenerative discs.

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1. The belt will transfer the weight off your spinal column to alleviateĀ spinal cord compression.
2. Unwinding the spine permitting discs to go back to normal
3. Minimizing pain and stress on pinched nerves.
4. Improving nutrient flow on your back.
5. Aids in enhancing your core and back muscles.

decompression back belts


Length of traction belt: 110cm ( 43.2 inches).
Prior To Inflation Size: 13cm (5.1 inches).
After Inflation Size: 20cm (7.9 inches).
Size of expansion belt: 25.0 cm. (9.84 inches)

back decompression belt

Use direction.

Putting on the belt on your skin directly or on loosened fitting garments.

best back decompression belt reviews

Using the belt between your lower rib cage and also hip, affixing the belt firmly.

lower back decompression belt

Clip pump onto the gas shutoff of the belt, and after that blow up the belt by pumping its pump.

best decompression back belt reviews

When the air columns of belt are completely blown up, the most efficient grip result is gotten.

best back assist decompression belt

It is suggested that originallyĀ the belt be worn forĀ thirty to sixtyĀ  minutes at once. if not negative effects or pain is felt, then the use time can be periodically prolonged.

back assist decompression belts

When sleeping, do not wear the belt.

best decompression back belts

Prior to taking off the belt, loosen the pump and also press the air shutoff up until the air runs away, make sure the belt is completely decreased after that loosen up the belt.

best back decompression belts

It is much better to loosen the leather belt before utilizing.

top back decompression belt reviews

It is suggested to use the air grip belt thirty minutes sleeping.





Lumbar Spinal-air Decompression Back Belt Air Traction Waist Protect Belt Pain Lower Lumbar Support

Fit Most Waists 29 inches - 49 inches



Material: Non-woven

Model Number: Back Support

Effect: Release Pain From Illness

Item Type: Braces & Supports

Item: Back Support Belt

Function: Back Brace Support

Feature1: Health Care

Feature2: Body Healthcare Massage

Outer layer: PU

Inner-Iayer: cotton

Inner layer of inflation: TPU (special soft material)



Package Includes:

1 x traction belt

1 x hand air pump

1 x extend belt

1 x use manual



solution for solve using problem



Difficult fill in air

Check the clip and gas valve if the position is correct

Can not fill in air

Check if the crew of the gas valve tighten or not

After belt be inflated ,air couldnā€™t be filled in

It means the belt has been inflated fully, air pump limit the air fill in

After wearing the belt couldnā€™t be inflated fully

User wear the belt too tight, loose it a while, it will be in good condition




Compression Back Belts


It is a well-known fact that the use of a back decompression belt for back support can be extremely helpful in relieving back pain. Back pain is a common problem that plagues many people, particularly seniors. The use of the decompression back belt for back support has been proven to have positive benefits in lessening back pain and increasing one's range of motion and stability. In fact, many people who wear a back support belt report that they are starting to feel better within just a few days of wearing the belts.


Many experts recommend the use of an air decompression lumbar belt for those suffering from pain on their back. For the most part, using an air decompression lumbar belt will provide relief for individuals suffering from lower back pain. These belts work by applying constant pressure to the wearer's back while they are wearing them. This pressure is similar to what a pregnant woman's abdomen is surrounded by when she is pregnant. While wearing these belts helps to relieve pressure on the back, they also support the abdomen as well. And, since the belts also help to support the back and improve posture, the wearer is better able to move around and participate in all types of activities.


Of course, not all people suffer from back pain and should be treated with caution. In fact, anyone with pre-existing medical conditions or who is currently taking medication should avoid wearing compression back support belt. Also, pregnant or nursing women should avoid using this type of back support as their backs may be too delicate for these belts to apply properly. However, those with normal back muscles should be able to wear these belts for pain relief.


As you can see, there are some very good reasons why a decompression back belt may be beneficial. Of course, the types of pain a person experiences will determine if he or she should invest in one of these belts. Back pain that is related to a specific activity such as lifting something, or sports can be treated with the use of a decompression back belt. However, there are many other types of back pain that will not respond to these belts and may require different types of treatment.


There are also a couple of things that a person needs to know before buying a compression back support belt. First, it is important to know how the belt works. The belt uses airbags to apply constant pressure to the back. These airbags compress the back as the person moves back. The pressure is usually enough to relieve most back strain or pain but some people may find that they need to wear two back supports or purchase additional back supports to prevent the pressure from building up.


The compression back support is also helpful to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Some types of compression back support straps also have a wrist or leg support that goes around the wrist. These straps allow the person to bend over and take a wrist rest as needed. Wearing compression back support braces can also help to prevent urinary incontinence. This is due to the added pressure that is applied to the bladder when wearing these braces.


In order to determine which compression back support belt will work best for your individual needs, you will want to first consult with a medical professional. A doctor will be able to assess your back and determine what type of compression back support belt will be best for your situation. The doctor may suggest using an oral appliance or even a topical injection to get the most relief for your back. There are also a couple of devices on the market that have been designed specifically for your back. You will want to visit your doctor and ask what your options are.


A compression back belt can provide tremendous relief for many back problems. You can help prevent further back injuries by wearing one of these back supports. Make an appointment with your doctor to find out which compression back belt is right for you.



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