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Dancing Girl Flowery Dress with Rhinestone Pin Brooch


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Dancing Girl Flowery Dress with Rhinestone Pin Brooch






Common Brooch Forms - What Are They?

Brooches are the perfect accessory to add to any wardrobe. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and can make a beautiful gift for just about anyone. Here is a look at the many styles of brooches that are available to purchase.


Bronze Age: These brooches were found during the Bronze Age, about 2200 BC. The brooches had designs on them that are similar to what is found today on brooches. They were worn as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even rings. Brooches from the Bronze Age can still be found today, sometimes being found in the possession of great-grand grandparents. Bronze brooches are typically circular in shape and made of either gold or silver. They can be made with enamel, colored glass, bone, or wood.


Roman: Also known as "bronces", these brooches were a type of ring handcrafted by the Romans. The brooches originated in the late Roman period, sometime around the 2nd century. The brooches were worn by both women and men and were considered to be a form of jewelry. They adorned not only the neck but also the hands and feet. The brooches from the Roman period were typically circular and decorated with either enamel, colored glass, bone, or wood.


Fibula: This is the main article found in a brooch. The fibula was typically worn on the left hand side of the body. This would determine where the brooches satuate on the body. From the medieval times, the fibula was replaced by the pendant. The pendant was usually a symbol of rank and responsibility in the upper classes.


Brooches: The other main article found in brooches is the hanger, which is what most people think of today when they think of brooches. Brooches have many different styles and each style is representative of certain time periods, places, and persons. There are as many as 15 styles found in a single brooch, which gives you a lot of choices for your brooches.


Iron Age: Probably the most common brooches found in Britain are those that are made from iron or metal. From the Romans to the Egyptians, the people of Britain have used brooches for literally thousands of years. One of the main types of iron age brooches is the penannular brooch. Penannular brooches are also known as Roman wire brooches. One of the great things about these penannular brooches is that you can use them as a gift for your loved one, because they are so beautiful and elegant.



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