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Cup Holder Phone Charger 4 in1 QI Fast Wireless Car Charger Dual USB


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Cup Holder Phone Charger 4 in1 QI Fast Wireless Car Charger Dual USBĀ Ā 

For Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max & Airpods Pro

QI Wireless Quick Cars and truck Charger-this wireless charger utilizes 5W, 7.5 W & 10W quick wireless charging innovation. ThisĀ wireless charging pad stand willĀ certainly charge the phone in quick cost mode when you place the phones which sustain fast wireless charge on this wireless phone charger mug. This autoĀ wireless charger cup will charge itĀ on the 5W normal setting if your phone does not support fast cordless charging. Phone wireless charging vehicle wireless battery charger.

car cup holder phone mount

New Design and Elegant -Elegant shape, appear like a lovely mug, fix to the reserved water mug hold. Just place your phone rightĀ into the cup that it willĀ certainly begin charging. It comes with a USB outcome port & Type-C Outcome, you can bill one more phone at the same time.


car phone holder wireless charger

Indicator-There is 2Ā indicators on the top of theĀ cup charger. When link to power, the indicator will light up, when it begin billing, the billing sign light up.


cup holder wireless charger

AndĀ as the wireless charging cardĀ might effect charging, so please make certain that the billing card you got is in high quality. The phone qi wireless car battery charger charging.


1. QI standard 5W/7.5 W/10W wireless charging, with a built-in cooling fan reduced temperature level, cordless charging entire quick charging.

cup holder phone charger

2. Apple Interface, Sustains Apple AirPods Earphone Direct Charging interface standard.

3. Prolonged double USB output, single port optimum result 5V/2A, to meet more electronic equipment wireless power transfer via the planar coils.

phone holder charger

4. Suitable for the QI phones whose mobile width less than 81mm.

Ā phone charger holders

Package Includes:

1 x Charger cup

1 x Base

1 x Adapter power line charger

1 x Manual Use


phone charger holder


cell phone cup holder mount


car phone charger and holder




Max. Output Power: 10W

Quality Certification: CCC

Applied Fast Charge Protocols: Qualcomm Quick Charge

Output Interface: Lightning

Power Source: USB

Certification: CE

Model Number: X9A

Material: ABS+PC

Color: Black

Net weight: 158g

Input: DC12-24V/5A

USB output: 5V/2A*2

Wireless charging power: 5W/7.5W/10W

Efficiency: over 75%

Standard: Qi

Size: 110*88*88mm (charger cup only), 4.88 x 3.46 x 3.46 inches (124*88*88mm) (including the base)

Ā Ā 


Keep Your Cell Phone Charged While On The Road

A cup holder phone charger may be a good accessory to add to your car. You will not only be able to charge your cell phone, but this item is also handy when traveling. You can place your phone on the cup holder while you are in the car and do not want it to fall out.


With a cup holder phone charger you will never get lost. Carrying your cell phone in your purse or wallet is not a good idea when you have a spare, or two extra phones. You could drop one or both and worry about getting lost. However, if you use a car cup holder phone charger you at least have a safety net. If you drop your cell phone, you are more likely to catch it before it hits the floor.


A cup holder phone charger is especially handy if you often drive long distances. There are times that I have traveled by cars that were so far that I had to bring my cell phone inside the car with me. You cannot just put it in any car and hope that you will reach your destination. It is just too hard to do. However, if you have the adapter that fits into the cup holder in your car, you at least have a chance of making it to the destination that you need to go.


Your cup holder phone charger will not only charge your cell phone. It will charge your other batteries as well. These devices are specifically designed to keep your other devices going when you do not have a suitable outlet for them.


If you love the outdoors and use your cell phone while you are outside, you should consider purchasing a car cup holder charger to fit it inside your car. You can use these devices during your camping trips or whenever you are outdoors and the power is out. They will also be very useful to you if you are stuck in a remote area and have no way to get on with your cell phone. Most of these car holders will hold at least one or two cell phones.


The car holder charger is a wonderful thing. It is made to be small and very portable. You can easily put it into your pocket or purse so that you will have it with you no matter where you go. The same is true for your cell phone. You can easily carry a charger for your phone if you place it in your purse or wallet. You will be prepared to answer the phone no matter where you may be.


The convenience of having this type of car charging accessory is not just limited to cell phones. You can also use it to charge other devices, including MP3 players, laptops, handheld computers, and even hand held power tools. If you have an emergency flash light or flashlight, you will not have to worry about your cell phone going dead because of a power cut. This charger is designed to recharge automatically. You do not have to do anything while it charges your phone or other device.


A cup holder phone charger is something you can take with you everywhere. Your gadgets will remain fully operational no matter where you go. You can carry it in your car or on your person. You will wonder how you ever did without this type of device!


Car outlets are being limited in today's society. Most people have a cell phone and no other source of electricity. If you need to charge your cell phone, you can either plug it into your car's cigarette lighter or use a cigarette lighter adapter that has been installed into your vehicle. This adapter plugs into the cigarette lighter and gives you the power to charge your phone or other electronic device.


If you travel on a regular basis, a cup holder phone charger is a must-have item. You can keep your cell phone charged and ready to go without having to worry about where you will plug it into the wall outlet. Many cell phone owners also like to bring their laptop along with them. However, it can be difficult to charge a laptop battery when you are on the road. This type of charger is perfect for ensuring that your cell phone battery stays charged and ready for your use.


A cup holder phone charger makes it easy to keep your cell phone charged while you are on the road. You don't have to worry about unplugging your phone to charge it. If you are not using your phone, just remove the charger from the phone and store it in a safe place. You don't want to find out you left it at a hotel, at the airport, or any other location. It could be stolen or misplaced and you would lose all the important data on your cell phone.




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