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Color Change Lightsaber Melee Combat Hilt


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Color Change Lightsaber Melee Combat Hilt

Charging Voltage: 5V1A Metal Hilt Light Sabers: Pure steel light weight aluminum handle, regardless of the color or feel is extremely textured, ergonomic style permits you. The sword dance is very natural as well as fluid. comfortable hold as a result of good sleek, sustains actual duels, flashes as it collides. Once you swing it, it resembles an actual lightsaber.


Whether you are playing the part of a The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) or Moff Gideon, you will be ready for lightsaber swordfighting. 


Color Change Lightsaber

LED Realistic Lightsaber: The color-changing style references to the sword body. Additionally, it can transform a selection of light colors, can alter 11 type of light shades, you can change it to any of the 11 shades (Cold/white/Blood/ red/Red/Orange/ Yellow/Green/Blue/ Ice blue/Purple/Pink/ Cyan). The blade brighten plenty bright, and also appears uniformly brightened.


color changing lightsaber

Color Change Lightsaber Melee Combat Hilt

Lightsaber with Audio Effects: The light sword has a genuine gun noise, very sensitive, louder as well as brighter. Each Establish has the audio impact of the button machine, the standby (history) audio effect, the swords result, the sound impact, the switching of sound effects, the sound effects, the low power audio impact and the fee result.


changing color lightsaber



Multi-Light Effects: Fire setting, full intense setting, low as well as high illumination policy, breathing setting, heartbeat mode, flickering setting, eruptive flashing mode sword. There are a variety of light result modes permit you to experience various scenes, the quantity can be readjusted, and also there is silence mode.


Finest gift for You: You can utilize this light saber for prop as well as cosplay. You are able to have come exciting dueling with it. 


changing color lightsaber


The signature weapon from the Star Wars series, you are now able to join the Jedi forces with a sith lightsaber of your very own. Just make certain that you are ready for melee weapons for combat when you are challenged with a lightsaber-blaster duel. 


While these color change lightsabers do not use the rotoscoping ,which are the digital effects in the original Star Wars film. 


Color Change Lightsaber


 While the "real" lightsabers will render you cauterized, these color change lightsabers will not cause such wounds when you enter into the Expanded Universe. 

Whether you are using these color change lightsabers as a film prop or to battle Darth Vader, keeping one of these hilts in your hand once you receive your marching orders from Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi will make you feel secure. 



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