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Circular Saw Diamond Blades Diamond Saw Blades 4


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Circular Saw Diamond Blade 4.5 inch Diamond Saw Blade 4.5" 


The Circular Saw Diamond Blades make use of for grinding as well as cutting. With special layout as well as world-advanced technology of ruby brazing, this  surface disc will be complimentary cutting tile, and is abrasive for grinding. The synthetic diamond placed on the blade during the slurry process when the circular saw diamond blade is created. 

Suitable for most tile saws and hand-held angle grinders with a 4/5" or 5/8" 


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Circular Saw Diamond Blades Diamond Saw Blades 4" and 4.5"

 The cutting and grinding result will certainly be much better and also the effectiveness of cutting and also grinding will be enhanced considerably. Regarded in the construction industry as well as masonry, there diamond wire saws utilize diamond blade diamond segments, which are created via a process known as sintering. 

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  • Compact Design

    The grinding disc features the high thickness to make it extra durable and also practical.

  • Premium Craft

    The grinding disc includes the brazing craft, therefore making it abrasion-resistant and sharp.

  • Multiple Objectives

    The grinding disc may be used for grinding as well as cutting. It is sharp enough to make cutting easy.

  • Outstanding Strength

    The grinding disc is enlarged and also includes high toughness, and it is secure and also strong while ensuring hostile working performance.

  • Wide Application

    The grinding disc can be suitable for a wide variety of applications like gems, metal, glass, porcelains, porcelain, floor tiles, rocks, carbide, which can be made use of for grinding as well as reducing, which will certainly satisfy your demands.

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  • Color: Silver & Blue
  • Diameter: Approx. 100mm /4 inch
  • Hole Size: Approx. 16mm
  • Thickness: Approx. 2mm
  • Coating width: Approx. 20mm


    • 1 Pc x Grinder Porcelain Cutting Disc

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