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Celestial Sun and Moon Necklaces Radiant Celestial Sun and Moon Charm


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Celestial Sun and Moon Necklaces Radiant Celestial Sun and Moon Charm

The celestial sun and moon necklace is a preferred position fixing necklace style for those who wish to represent the yin and also yang powers or the getting together of opposites. The moon and also the sun stands for different elements yet if blended together, they can create a much stronger and greater whole.

The pendant features an objectified type of a crescent moon and an incredible shining sun with polished and also oxidized contrasts each celestial body.

The locket mores than 1" in diameter as well as hanging along an 22" cable chain with a round spring ring hold.

celestial sun and moon

Keep in mind: The handcrafted nature of this product will generate slight differences in dimension, style and also weight. Variants will happen from piece to item, dimensions might differ a little.

Based on the position fixing and dead reckoning celestial body navigation provided by the sun and the moon, these celestial sun and moon necklaces are a radiant display of the past. 

celestial moon and sun


Silver Celestial Sun and Moon Necklaces 

 The sun is a representation of whatever that speaks of member such as authority, wisdom, strength and power. Conversely the moon stands for beauty, creative imagination, intuition and emotions. As a holy necklace style, you can illuminate them as the union of male and female qualities to produce an equilibrium in individual relationships. This is precisely why, they can be great icons for pairs that intend to obtain matching pendants to signify their love and also commitment for each other.

silver & gold sun moon necklace

Gold Celestial Sun and Moon Necklaces 

 Sunlight as well as moon lockets can likewise be interpreted as the icon for creating equilibrium and also consistency. These two components stand for the two major principals of every little thing; the active and also the passive, the sun being the previous and the moon being the latter. When they are blended as one force, they are effective as well as long-lasting.

This celestial necklace style can additionally be seen as a depiction of nature. It can likewise be deemed as a representation of the duality of life, which included the positive side and negative side.

gold moon sun necklace
gold sun and moon necklace



Overall Dimensions: 6mm broad x 9mm lengthy (consisting of drawback).

Locket Length: 22" long + 2 inch extension. 

Hitch Opening Dimension: 0.079 in.

Weight: 0.11 oz.

Type: Cable

Type of Clasp: Round Ring

Type of Finish: brilliant, oxidized

Design: contemporary, sign, sunlight, moon.

Sun and also moon integrate in this beautiful pendant.

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