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Body Contouring Machine Body Sculpting Machines Cavitation Slimming


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Body Contouring Machine Body Sculpting Machines Cavitation Slimming


 1. [CV Ultrasound Vibration]: It utilizes a 680,000 times/second high radio frequency vibration brought on by ultrasonic therapy can efficiently awaken the skin cells and also accelerate the cell metabolic rate to minimize stubborn fat as well as dredge to achieve weight management as well as body shaping effect via fat necrosis.

body sculpting machines

2. [RF Shaping Therapy]: Effective RF radio frequency waves deliver calming home heating effect on the facial layer of your skin to tighten the elastin of your skin and decrease cellulite. It is reliable, as well as painless in fixing collagen for a natural facelift.


body sculpture machine

3. [LED Light Skin Care]: The 625mm wavelength traffic signal can help to rejuvenate your skin so that you can recover your vigorous and youthful appearance with improved skin by way of Laser Resurfacing.

body contouring machine

4. [Easy Operation]: A dynamic clear LCD HD screen permits you to watch clearly also in dim or dark atmosphere with straight indication, you can easily press the buttons for easy to use control experience.

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5. [Outstanding Comfort]: One-of-a-kind zinc alloy massage head makes it possible for smooth touch while its ergonomic handle offers a reliable grip.

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6. [Continual Pleasure]: Integrated rechargeable battery is charged by tangle-free USB charging cable which offers a lot more power, is environmentally friendly and also effective.

ultrasonic fat burning

Multifunctional Body Sliming Maker - Not only can reduce weight, shed fat as well as remove stretch mark, but likewise assists unwind your skin and enhance sleeping. Take 10mins with persistence to form a lovely body curve, bring back skin firmness as well as elasticity successfully.

ultrasound cavitation machine

CV FUNCTIONIONALITY - Now to you deliver a powerful wave to any part of your body to break up your most stubborn fat and expelled fat cells through your body's regular metabolic approach. Shapes your arms, legs as well as your lower abdomen, and achieve the goal of fat loss.

ultrasonic cavitation machine

R-F FEATURE - 680,000 times/s high-frequency vibration, provides your skin cozy massage, (making skin deep cells temperature level just rise 0.5-1 ℃, we can BARELY really feel hot.) Aids tighten the protein and also obtain the result of firming and also raising skin, boost slack skin.

ultrasonic cavitation at home

TRAFFIC SIGNAL FEATURE - Red light featuring a 625nm wavelength which can promote your cells' metabolic rate as well as blood flow. This makes the lymphatic detox sufficient to reach weight loss. Advertise the skin to release collagen which is able to smooth skin and decrease creases.

home ultrasonic cavitation

NOTIFICATION - This weight loss device is generally CANNOT FEEL VIBRATION OR HOT given that they are also subtle to feel, however the energy powerful sufficient to reach to the deepest layer of your skin making a considerable improvement.




Shell Color:  (As Shown)

Plug Type: US Plug/EU Plug (Optional)

Vibration Frequency: 680,000 times/second

Operating Voltage: 8.4V

Operating Current: 0.14-2A

Charging Voltage: 5V

Power: 16.8W

Power Supply: USB Charging

Charging Time: about 2.5hours

Use Time: about 1 hour (After Fully Charged), can be used up to 20 times, 3 minutes per time

Unit Size: Approx. 90*90*110mm/3.54x3.54x4.33inch



Package Includes:

1* Main Unit

1* Power Adapter

1* USB Cable


Item TypeBody Contouring Machine

Type:: RF Body Slimming Face Lifting Massage

Item Type:: Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming Lifting Massager

Feature-1:: RF Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Slimming

Feature-2:: Rechargeable Ultrasound Fat Burner Machine

Feature-3:: Ultrasonic Anti Cellulite Vibration Massager

Function-4:: Slimming Arms Legs Massage Machine

Function-5:: RF Radiofrequency Reduce Fat Machine

Function-6:: Slimming Abdomen Waist Massage Machine

Function-7:: Reduce Cellulite Vibration Massager For Crus Ham

Function-8:: Red Light Photon Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Function-9:: Skin Lifting Wrinkle Removing Vibrating Massager

Function-10:: LED FR Facial Brighten Beauty Massage




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