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Blue Therapy Light Photodynamic Therapy Acne Removal


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Blue Therapy Light Photodynamic Therapy Acne Removal


This 415nm blue light provides benefits to reduce microorganism bacteria and fungi on skin and in the pores which cause acne. Plus,  with 42 degree Celsius secure warm treatment and BIO existing to assist to reduce oil of acne.


These are light-based and laser therapies that you can perform anytime, anywhere. 

Acne/Wrinkle Removal Laser Pen –

Blue light can firm sagging skin, reduce skin pores, efficiently eliminate corynebacterium acnes as well as noticeably enhance red area, oily skin as well as severely sensitive skin.

Medical Blue Light Therapy Laser Treatment Pen - AmorBeautyCo

The effective device battles against crawler capillaries, as well as can also aid those with Rosacea, post-operative bruising as well as age-related Purpura. 

Tightens up skin that is loose, shrinks enlarged pores. This intense pulsed light significantly minimizes the exposure of acnes, marks, string capillaries in just weeks.

This blue light source is easy bring and also convenient utilization with a lipstick size. It also allows to use in your home or during taking a trip. An excellent present for yourself or someone that you care about. 


Blue Therapy Light Photodynamic Therapy Acne Removal Description

Blue Therapy Light Photodynamic Therapy Acne Removal pen is make use of thermal therapy and blue light together.

You can remove dark areas, Mole, Age Attractions, moles, skin tags, verrucas, blemishes, Birthmarks, Skin Pigmentation whenever you wish at your residence. Never again pay for high cost phosphorescence and fluorescence therapies. 

It is secure and also zero side effects. You can get rid of place without shedding the skin.

Using sophisticated, electric ion carbonation works to instantly sweep protuberances, age place, level skin tags, and so on

Triplet-triplet annihilation can be accomplished quickly without any bleeding.

Blue Therapy Light Photodynamic Therapy Acne Removal Product Features

Tightens up loosened skin, reduces bigger pores as well as eliminates bacteria Promotes lymph cleansing. Reduce inflammation and minimize pain. Relevant on oily skin, extreme skin allergy as well as red spots.

The effective photosensitizer gadget fights against crawler capillaries, as well as can also help those who have Rosacea, post-operative discoloration as well as age-related Purpura.

Just utilize it a day and also you'll see cause simply a couple of uses.

Substantially minimizes the presence of acne, marks, thread blood vessels in just weeks


Voltage: DC 1.5V Current: 036A

Power: 0.9W Battery:1*AA Battery (not included)

Color: white

Material: ABS

Size: approx.135*19*19mm

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2x Laser Pens | 2x User Manuals

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