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Bionic Baits Artificial Wobbler Rotating Trolling Pike Carp Crank Lure


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Bionic Baits Fishing Wobbler Rotating Trolling Pike Carp Crank Lure


  • DECOY LAYOUT: the design has 7 areas and multiple joints. The decoy collection can sink slowly and swim flexibly in the water. Furthermore, the natural swimming action makes it draw in extra fish and also arouses the attack of predatory fish. 3.9 inches/15.5g 

  • LURE MATERIAL: constructed from high-quality ABS product, gotten in touch with textile material, it can make the lure a lot more versatile, replicate the swimming track of fish, and make you have a good angling experience.


鱼饵10mm 15.5g-2仿真鱼饵

  • The super durable hardware system, from bands to hooks, can resist one of the most money-grubbing varieties.

  • When dragging, it will certainly make a noise, which will certainly draw in the fish's attention. At the same time, they can boost the toss distance and also stance stability.

  • The high-def shiny pattern with 3D substitute eyeballs may puzzle as well as anger killers.

  • Solid and also sturdy material: strong framework as well as an attractive appearance, can create the best results.

  • Wonderful angling accessories for fishing enthusiasts.

    • HOOK OF BAIT: equipped with 2 super sharp high-pitched hooks, it has high sturdiness as well as flexibility in salt water as well as fresh water.

    • HIGH SIMULATION EFFECT: 3D sensible eyes and pearl powder layer make the crank lure look so fragile and also brilliant, resemble an actual living fish, make the fish believe the bait is a genuine fish, after that you can quickly capture them.

    • EXTENSIVELY FISHING TYPES: This bass fishing lure can be extensively used to capture bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, Muskie, Roach, trout, and so on. This swimsuit is rather ideal for both deep sea and also freshwater and functions well in all water layers.


    仿真鱼饵-1鱼饵10mm 15.5g-4仿真鱼饵-2鱼饵10mm 15.5g



    What You Should Know About Bionic Baits


    One of the newest methods of lures and jigs that are becoming popular is the bionic bait. Bionic baits can be used to imitate a wide variety of live, fresh, and dried bait types including worms, insects, crustaceans, small fish, and other types of food. This type of lure is unique in that it does not require a spring balance system, mechanical parts, or other components that could potentially break down. As with all lures, the purpose of this type of fishing lure is to simulate an existing natural food source so that the fisherman can land the fish without having to make multiple casts. Bionic baits come in a wide range of color patterns and sizes that will both deceive and attract fish.


    One of the unique characteristics of these baits is their uncanny ability to change direction on a dime. This allows the angler to change tracks quickly to take advantage of a certain situation. Baits that have the ability to change direction are often very hard to see on the surface of the water and have great maneuverability. Because of this unique quality, many fishermen have taken to using these baits as their primary way of fishing. When changing from one angle to another, they are nearly impossible to spot as they move around.


    The use of bionic baits for fishing has made the sport even more challenging. If you use standard bait, the fish will eventually notice them and will most likely go after your bait. This can be frustrating to the angler. It can also take a long time to get your bionic bait to sink to the bottom of the water. When they do become a meal for a fish, it will usually not remain in the same location for very long before washing up on the shore.


    Bionic bait buckets are a great solution for fishing. They are easy to use and have a number of uses. You can use them for different types of fishing. For example, when you are fishing in murky or cloudy water, you can place your bait buckets in the buckets and let them sit there for days while the clear water absorbs all the oxygen and the fish digests it. These types of baits do not sink as easily to the bottom and stay on top of the water.


    Other anglers that prefer to always know where their bionic baits are can keep a set of bait buckets near their fishing rod. This is perfect when they need to know where their bait buckets are located so they can quickly use it when an opportunity arises. This makes the fishing experience much more enjoyable for many people.


    Another popular way to use bionic baits for fishing is to use them in conjunction with other types of lures. While having one type of lure will not allow you to catch as many fish, it can sometimes be difficult to land a bigger fish with a single lure. When you have two or more lures on your rod at the same time, you are more likely to successfully land the bigger catch. If your bait is heavy enough, it could even be used as a leader to float on top of the water rather than attached to your rod.


    Bionic baits can be used in any environment and in any situation. The key to using these baits successfully is being patient and understanding what the fish are feeding on. There are some fish that will not bite on anything that looks like grass or dirt. In these cases, you can simply use bionic baits and make other types of lures that are appropriate for the environment that you are in. Once you understand the patterns of food that are feeding in your particular area, you can begin to create new and exciting fishing opportunities.


    Many people have discovered that bionic baits are an easy and enjoyable way to fish. These lures do not take up much space and they are very portable. This makes them a great addition to your tackle box. They are also extremely affordable, so if you are looking for a new fishing lure, there really is no reason to look elsewhere. Many people find that they love using bionic baits, and when they get them in their box, they will never look back.




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