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Bike Commuter Backpacks Indicator Light Package Cycling Warning Light


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Bike Commuter Backpacks Indicator Light Package Cycling Warning Light


1. Direction Indicator: This is a reflective LED bike pack device is outfitted with reflective strips and also LED lights. Its LED will reply to signal gotten from remote controller. This will certainly remind passengers and also vehicle drivers keep distance from you.

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2. Conveniently Set Up: This LED reflective bag device can be easily put together on your cycling backpack. It is simply a foam panel that is attached to a bike backpack. Absolutely an excellent add-on for road cycling.

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Wireless Remote Control: Utilizing wireless control for safely utilize when riding. It can be used as a wireless bike turn signal light.

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4. 4 LED Signal Available: It has 4 LED signals: left, right, ahead, quit, from directional signal to emergency signals, to remind vehicle drivers for keeping their range.

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5. USB Rechargeable Battery: Easily recharges from your computer system or any device with a USB port, say goodbye to money thrown away on batteries once more.



Wireless remote, water resistant nylon fabric, USB charging (this also includes the charging cable).

Instructions Indication: This reflective LED bike pack device is geared up with reflective strips and LED lights. The LED will respond to indicate obtained from remote controller, which will certainly advise passengers and chauffeurs keep distance from you.

It can be made use of as a wireless bike turn signal light.

  • Suitable uses: riding, camping, hiking, alpinism, trip, daily leisure

  • Main functions: cycling, climbing up, travel light turning, indicator light

  • Communication mode: wireless frequency 2.4GHz

  • Control distance: 10 feet

  • Working hours: 12-15h

  • Charging time: 3H (with LED indicator)

  • Remote control battery: 2 √ó CR2032 (built in)

  • Accepted battery: 4.2V 500ah lithium battery

  • Indication type: left turn, right turn, forward, stop, standby

Product Description:

  • Dimensions: 400 x 250 x 150 mm

  • Color: Gray, Yellow

  • Packing material: Nylon

  • Shell material: PC + ABS

  • Backpack / Pendant: waterproof fabric

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    Packaging includes:

    1√ó Indicator light package

    • 1√ó Remote control
    • 1√ó Card Holder¬†
    • 1√ó Ties
    • 1√ó¬†USB cable
    • 1√ó Instruction manual
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      15L Safety Cycling LED Wireless Remote Control Turn Signal Lamp Backpack Bag 

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      Name: 15L Remote Control LED Illuminated Backpack
      Size(approx.): length 400mm/15.75in; width 250mm/9.84in; height 150mm/5.90in
      Weight: about 260g
      Capacity: 15 liters
      Color: black
      Material: polyester + waterproof nylon
      Lamp beads: 30 LED lights (including charging indicator lights)
      Light board: 85*70mm luminous display light board
      Battery: 500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery (built-in)

      Packing List:

      1x 15L Remote Control LED Illuminated Backpack
      1x Remote Control
      1x Manual

      1x USB Charging Cable


      Your Guide to Biking With a Bike Commute Backpack

      The bike commute backpack is a great alternative to carrying all of your bike supplies in your car. It doesn't matter if you're going for a long ride or short one. Either way, it can be a lot more convenient than the alternatives. But what exactly is a bike commute backpack? And why do so many people love them?


      The term bike commute refers to a type of bike carrier that wraps around your waist. Some bike gels and other materials can be strapped on there as well. Some are bag-like versions that look much like the rolling laundry hamper. Others are simply backpacks with straps to hold up a bike's handlebars.


      You may think that these are bike accessories, but in fact they're very useful. A bike commuter allows you to be hands free to push yourself forward instead of holding onto the handlebars of your bike. While this may seem a bit trivial, it really comes in handy when riding fast on a windy day. You won't have to hold onto the handlebars and lose your balance and control. Instead, you can feel free to ride with both hands free to maneuver the bike.


      These are great for any bike enthusiast who wants to be able to bike wherever they want to without having to carry bike accessories. They're also perfect for people who live in small apartments and can't have their bike on the bike path. They can make it easier for you to bike everywhere you want to. If you bike somewhere and get caught up in traffic, it won't be an issue with the bike commute backpack. You can just drop it off at your destination and continue your journey.


      The bike commute backpack comes in a variety of styles and colors. You can find ones made out of heavy duty nylon to lightweight but sturdy materials. You can even find backpacks that are water resistant or feature an internal hydration system.


      Some bike commuters prefer to carry other types of bike accessories such as helmets, lights, and other items that can help them avoid being unsafe. Many bike accessories also come in the form of trendy saddlebags to make carrying your bike easy and comfortable. Saddlebags can be found in various colors and styles to match any bike commuter's style.


      One other type of bike commute backpack is the roll-up bike messenger bag. This type of backpack makes it possible to transport your bike in a smooth and easy manner. It features an adjustable strap so you can determine how high or low you want to roll your bike up. It has a zippered pocket for storing your bike tools and other essential bike supplies. This is also a great choice if you bike regularly and find yourself carrying a lot of tools and supplies.


      As you can see, there are many options for bike accessories that can make bike commutes safer, more fun, and more convenient. The best thing you can do for your safety while riding is to invest in a bike commuter helmet. These helmets can provide the added protection you need while also adding a fashionable element to your bike look. If you bike regularly, you should also invest in some bike accessories to make transportation more comfortable and enjoyable. Commuters should think about their comfort and safety when finding bike accessories that will improve their ride.


      When buying a bike commute backpack, you should consider the features and benefits that are most important to you. Some of the most common bike accessories that have become popular among cyclists include bike baskets, saddle bags, backpacks, and locks. A bike basket is a useful bike accessory that can be used to carry your bike inside or outside your home or workplace. If you bike frequently outdoors, you might consider purchasing a saddle bag, which provides you with easy access to your bike at all times. A bike backpack is another item that is popular among bike commuters, as it helps you to transport your bike with comfort and ease.


      Some bike accessories are geared towards the experienced rider. For instance, a lock will keep your bike safe, even when you are biking through areas that are considered "no go zones." You can find various types of bike accessories to add convenience and durability to your bike commute. Regardless of whether you bike on a regular basis or if you are only bike commuting for the first time, there is an accessory for you.


      As you can see, there are numerous options available when it comes to bike accessories. No matter how serious or casual your bike commute is, there is a bike accessory that will help you get more from your bike commute. Whether you are interested in buying a bike commute backpack or a lock for your bike, you can find many quality products online at reasonable prices. Take some time to compare prices online and find the bike accessories that are right for you! The choices are endless!




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