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Bike Chain Cleaner Tool Bicycle Chain Cleaning Maintenance Brush


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Bike Chain Cleaner Tool Bicycle Chain Cleaning Maintenance Brush 


  • VERSATILE: Works with all kinds of bicycles, our chain cleaner is able to clean up all sort of bike chains. Made absolutely free wheel, merely affix the cleaner to the chain and utilize the pedal to transform the chain. Whether you have a plain carbon, alloy steel, nickel-plated block chain, this bike chain cleaner tool will do wonders. If will even work on the old fashioned skip-link chain or Simpson lever chain. 

  • EASY TO USE: Cleaner clips straight to the chain without having to ever remove the chain from the bicycle and also use the chain brush cleaner to clean chain swiftly and easily. Just fill up the chamber with your option of cleaner.

  • GIVES PROTECTION: The chain cleaner device helps stop unwanted wear of your drivetrain and aids in preserving smooth functioning when riding the motorcycle as well as bike. This is a very important chain tool. 

  • EXCELLENT PRODUCT: The chain brush cleansing device is made of strong plastic to ensure a lifetime of premium efficiency. Simply straightforward, detailed, turning scrubbing brushes encased in solid plastic to keep your roller chain tidy and ready to transfer power from your bicycle pedals to its wheels. This is especially important with gearing bikes. Just make sure that you lubricate the chain regardless of if you ride utility bicycles, recumbent bicycles or upright bicycles. You always want to keep the master link in tact. 


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