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Bicycle Helmet with Lights Cycling Helmet Men Women 21-1/4” to 24”


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Bicycle Helmet with Lights Cycling Helmet Men Women 21-1/4” to 24” 

  • Head defense- Biking helmet bikes utilize EPS layout integrated framework to aid take in the influence and shield the head in case of an accident.

  • Lower effect- The bicycle safety helmet makes use of a sturdy hard shell, as well as the soft pad can take in the stress brought on by external effect. Bicycle helmets used by grownups will really feel safer and more comfortable.
Bicycle Helmet with Lights
  • Good air flow- The air duct is made through the air channel matrix to minimize overheating, and the moisture-wicking as well as washable headgear pad can offer even more airflow to maintain it cool down.

  • Lighting style- Lit up layout (front, sides, back) warns the cars and truck or aids other cyclists behind you to clearly identify your direction, luminescent and safe during night riding.

  • Flexible- The adult bicycle headgear takes on an adjustable style. There is a modification handle on the back of the bike headgear to aid readjust the head area.

  • One-size fit for heads from 21-1/4” to 24” (54cm to 61cm)


bicycle helmet with light

Product Features

1. Ultralight, Integrally-molded, Insect net helmet 2. Waterproof, Shockproof, Safety

Front light, Warning light, Rainproof, Integrally-molded.

lighted bicycle helmet

4 Warning light switch 5 Power Indicator 6 Front light switch

bicycle helmet with lights

bicycle helmets lights

More Secure

Side warning Rear warning Front light


TIPS: Cover the USB port

helmet light bicycle

Riding at night

bicycle helmets with lights


bicycle helmet light


bicycle helmet light mount

Night Repair Hands-Free

bicycle light helmet mount


Adjustable design

Head circumference: 57-62cm

Thicker breathable pad

bicycle helmet light rechargeable

Integrated-Molded Lining With Insect Net

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Brand Name: ROCKBROS

Certification: CE

Material: EPS

Age Group: (Adults) Men

Weight (g): About 330g

Air Vents: > 20

Type: Light Helmet

Model Number: tt

Color: Black, Blue, White, Red, Yellow

Cycling helmet, Bike helmet, Bicycle helmet

Function: Ultralight molded helmet, Insect net helmet

Gender: Men, Women, Unisex

Name: ROCKBROS Front Light Helmet, Rear Side Warning Helmet

Fit: Cycling, Riding, Hiking, Adventure, Camping, Running, Outdoor Sport

Type: MTB Bicycle helmet, Road Bike helmet, Sport Helmet, Brand Helmet

Power: USB charging

Size: Head circumference: 57 -  62cm

Product Details

Brand: ROCKBROS Name: Light helmet, Cycling Helmet, Bike Helmet, Bicycle helmet Power: USB charging Battery: 2000 Milliampere Time: Mighty about 4 hours Low about 9 hours Flash about 24 hours Only side & rear warning light about 1 month Head circumference: 57-62cm



 Bicycle Helmet with Lights Cycling Helmet Men Women 21-1/4” to 24”


Several sporting activities and also other leisure tasks needed the utilization of a safety helmet because of the reality that they afford your head adequate defense it needs against crashes which might occasionally result to head injuries. In some cases, it may be preferable to experience contusions or minor cracks on your body than birth the impacts of a head injury, some of which are deadly to the sufferer. This is why in energetic sporting activities, such as riding a bike, a bicycle helmet is needed to protect your central computer (your brain) unforeseen events during this bike boom.

For the perfect family member aerobic getaway, jump onto your bikes and also head for the paths, parks, trails, or streets. Just make certain that a helmet is sitting firmly on everyone's head.

While there is no federal legislation needing the putting on of helmets, 22 states do-- but those bicycle helmet laws use mostly to those under the age of 18. Pennsylvania regulation uses just to those under 12 years old. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that mishaps happen, such as falling off of your bicycle when a tire blows or flying over the handlebars when you hit a stone on the path, or ramming an opening vehicle door. In addition, say specialists at the Bicycle Helmet Security Institute (BHSI), head injuries trigger regarding 700 deaths yearly, as well as eighty-five percent of them could be avoided with a bike safety helmet. It is not just racing cyclists who need helmets.

Bike headgears are extremely vital in the sense that they can provide you with a particular degree of defense against sudden impacts which may create unpleasant bumps or serious blasts. It is developed in a way that though you might suffer some cuts as well as swellings, your head is shielded from a severe injury which may have resulted had you lacked a bicycle safety helmet.

The exterior of a bike headgear is made from a light as well as slim plastic which is aerodynamically built to promptly cut through the wind drag which is being created when the bicycle remains in activity. Considering that it is very vital for the cycling fanatics to have the cool wind on their head and to have their body temperature level at regular degrees. This is of course welcome while furiously and also strongly pedaling their bikes, these bicycle headgears have large vents which permit the air with to provide cooling comfort. It is likewise created in such a way that it will certainly not weigh heavily on your head way too much while you are using it.

The inside of your helmet should be lined with a special foamed polymer which is around twenty millimeters thick. The helmets might smash right into a thousand items however at the very least your head and also mind is shielded from serious brain blasts which can trigger special needs, or worse, fatality.

In a country where there are more than five hundred bicycle associated major head injuries videotaped each year, it is actually very crucial to put on a bicycle helmet even if you are simply going for a leisurely cycle around your community. You may never anticipate what can happen and before it does take place, it would be far better to have a bike safety helmet than have your bare head hit the sidewalk.

Just how to Use a Bicycle Helmet Appropriately.

Putting on a safety helmet is standard in cycling, but several don't recognize just how to do it effectively. So below are some standards on how to use a bicycle helmet appropriately.

How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet

Safety helmets today are a lot more simpler to readjust and also extra comfy to put on compared to a number of years earlier. There are several much less costly alternatives for all ages. Simply bear in mind these needed tips when buying one.

- Look for the seal of approval from companies such as Consumer Product Safety Commission, as well as ANSI or American National Criteria Institute, or Snell Memorial Foundation.

- Be sure the headgear fits comfortably. It needs to not relocate extra than one each in any type of direction-- back and also front or side to side.

- Really consider visibility to both vehicles as well as your own visibility. Should the straps hinder your vision, also a little bit, attempt another helmet.

Rules for Putting On Bicycle Safety Helmet

- General rules coincide with adults and kids.

- Put on the polystyrene or polycarbonate bike safety helmet level in addition to your head.

- Ensure the headgear covers the very top of your forehead while not tilting it forwards or backwards.

- The bands should be forming a V form under each ears.

- Secure the chin band simply below your chin and also out the side or else along your jaw.

- Make use of the sizing pads should it move back and forth or from back to front.

- The range between the headgear and your brows need to be 2 fingers or about 2 inches.

When examining if the strap fits correctly, - You must be able to fit one finger under your chin.

Common Mistakes on Just How to Use a Bike Headgear

- Fully recognize that the back of your head is a lot more vulnerable to influence if the headgear is tilted onward. Tighten the chin band to maintain it level on your head. If the helmet still moves forward, attempt a smaller carbon fiber headgear.

If the helmet suggestions in reverse, - The front, as well as the side of your head are prone to impact. Just tighten the chin strap if this pertains to you. Attempt a smaller sized bike helmet if it maintains on tipping ahead.

Comply with these guidelines on just how to wear a safety helmet appropriately for you to have much safer riding experiences.

Lots of sporting activities and other entertainment tasks called for the usage of a safety helmet due to the truth that they accord your head ample security it requires against crashes which may sometimes result to head injuries. Bottom line: crashes happen-like dropping off when a tire impacts, flying over the handlebars after striking a rock in the course, or colliding with an opening vehicle door. Moreover, say professionals at the Bicycle Helmet Security Institute (BHSI), head injuries create concerning 700 deaths every year, and also 85% of them can be stopped with a bike headgear.

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