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Best Monocular for Cell Phone Telescope Monocular Telescope


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Best Monocular for Cell Phone Telescope Monocular Telescope

  • 100% brand high as well as new quality.

  • Monocular optical instrument, HD night vision gadget with phone clip and also tripod for horse racing, auto racing, bird watching, astronomy, trekking, boating and also sightseeing.

  • New modern technology: Thin refracting telescopes film is a type of high refractive index product, which can properly prevent vignetting and also make the image clearer. FMC multilayer broadband environment-friendly reflecting telescope film is coated with high passage optical film to acquire much better top quality, picture and comparison.
cell phone monocular
  • 52mm big objective lens: Its objective lens is 52mm in diameter, which allows you to see items extra plainly and brilliantly. It can likewise expand your perspectives, making it perfect for bird watching, shows and also sightseeing. Even Galileo Galilei could not foresee this. 

  • 22mm incredibly large eyepiece: The dimension of the eyepiece is actually larger than various other eyepieces of a similar level, which can give you with unhampered field of vision, intense field of view as well as lasting use without fatigue.
best monocular for cell phone
  • New function Compass installer: Its compass is strategically installed on the side of the scope so that you will certainly not obtain lost during your journey. There is no question that this is a great outdoor survival guide which can make the trip safer.

  • The single eye has a BAK4 prism as well as a multi-layer broadband eco-friendly film, which can give outstanding light transmittance as well as illumination, making your field of vision larger, clearer as well as brighter. The edge is made to get rid of light streaks, which can decrease eye exhaustion.


  • High power boosting

best cell phone monocular

  • This 52mm objective telescope is covered with high-def optical green film, which is able to give more clear and also brighter pictures for outdoor escapades . It is really ideal for searching, bird viewing, horse racing, ball games, camping, taking in the sights as well as performances.


  • Small rubber shield clasp with fastening

best monocular for smartphone

  • The small buckle design makes your monocular simple to carry. The rubber shield with straps makes it easy to utilize as well as protects against slipping out of your hand.

  • Extensible tripod and also a phone holder that is adjustable: This extensible tripod is composed from light weight aluminum alloy, has shockproof feature, as well as can see hands-free. The tripod and adjustable phone holder allow you get slip your phone in and snap high-def pictures quickly.
best monocular for phone


    40X60 Zoom Optical HD Lens Monocular Telescope+ Tripod+ Clip For Universal Phone


    •     Includes retractable tripod and adjustable phone holder
    •     Striped rubber armor
    •     Ideal for bird watching, camping, hiking, concerts and sightseeing.
    •   BAK4 Prism + FMC
    •     Large objective
    •     Extra large eyepiece
    •     Built-in compass
    5zoom monocular for mobile phone

          1. Wipe the lens with the lens cloth connected to the telescope or other soft and clean cloth.

          2. If there is stains on the telescope, please dip a few drops of alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe it clean.

          3. Please store in a ventilated and dry place.

      zoom monocular for mobile phone


      •     Color: Black
      •     Type: Monocular
      •     Model: 40X60
      •     Magnification: 40X
      •     Objective lens diameter: 52mm
      •     Eyepiece diameter: 22mm
      •     Exit pupil diameter: 3mm
      •     Eye protection distance: 14mm
      •     Field of view: 1500 / 9500m
      •     Length: 15 cm/5.91 inches
      •     Prism type: BAK4
      •     Packing size: 170mmX80mmv100mm
      •     Package weight: 11.6 ounces

      best zoom monocular for mobile phone
      The package includes:

       1X spotting telescope
       1X phone clip
       1X extendable tripod



      Type: Monocular

      Weight: 450G

      Infrared Ray Launcher Type: No Transmitter

      Battery: Battery

      Magnification: 2400

      Effective Visual Distance: AS SHOWN



      1. Wipe the lens with the lens cloth connected to the telescope or other soft and clean cloth.
      2. If there is a stain on the telescope, just put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe it gently.
      3. When storing, please keep in a dry and ventilated area. 

          3. Please store in a ventilated and dry place.


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