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Baby Hand and Footprint Kits Inkless Ink Pad Clean Touch Keepsake


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Baby Hand and Footprint Kits Inkless Ink Pad Clean Touch Keepsake

No Mess, No Deposit - Developed to capture your baby's hand and also foot prints memento ink without leaving ink deposit on your baby's feet and also hands. Our inkiness tidy touch ink pads utilizes "absolutely no ink get in touch with" imprinting approach to allow lovely marking of your child's hand & foot on art cards, album journals and other paper-based infant mementos.

Perfect Ink Pad Size - Our Baby Hand Print and also Foot Publish Inkiness Ink Pads are  3.2" by 5" in size with an ink window which measures at 2.3" by 3.7". These dimensions are the ideal size for your newborn babies aged 0-6 months hand. Keep track of your child's quickly growing milestones with our Child Handprint & Impact Inkless Ink Pad Kits. It is so simple to use & takes under a minute to produce these valuable newborn keepsakes.

  • Nontoxic imprint kit 
  • No mess and no ink on hands! 
  • The perfect gift for a baby shower or for your child. 
  • Comes with 2 imprint papers and 1 ink pad. 


Memories that will last forever

100% Infant Safe & Certified - Although we utilize clean touch inkiness ink pads. As such, ensure that the inks we make use of in our baby ink pad kits are Lab-tested as well as certified to be 100% secure for your child.

Costs Quality Ink as well as Imprint Film - High Quality from completed imprints really depends heavily on the high-quality of the ink and film utilized on every single  ink pad. We created the best ink structure together with top quality film, which ensures that every information of child's hand and also foot imprints will certainly turn out looking beautiful and also pleasing.



Material: stamp-pad ink
Shape: rectangle
Size: 9.5X5.7cm / 3.7X2.2in
Operation: one ink pad can make a  0-6M baby handprint or footprint.
Colors: Black, Blue, Red




Baby Footprint Kits


I make sure you are already knowledgeable about exactly how quickly your child grows. Their adorable little fingers and also toes soon turn into big dirt filled hand and impacts throughout your nice white wall surfaces!

Infant hand print sets permit you to capture your children handprint or impact while they are still at the cute adorable phase. Handprint sets permit you to take your child's print theoretically and afterwards install in a child document publication, style your very own keepsake box or even frame in a lovely silver framework.

There are a few different colored baby foot print set choices from purchasing some child risk-free paint as well as simply paint or sponging the paint onto your baby's foot or hand and after that pressing down onto some tidy white card or canvas. Otherwise, you can get special infant paint wipes which remove some of the mess connected with doing 'repainted infant handprints' as the infant safe paint is all contained in these clever wipes (no brush or sponge needed).

You can additionally take your infant hand print onto ceramic as well as porcelains. The last choice for ceramic handprints is where you can take your baby's handprint making use of paint or ink and also after that have this checked onto a cup making use of electronic sublimation techniques.

There is likewise the alternative of an inkless baby handprint package which several healthcare facilities make use of to record newborn infant handprints when they are very first born. This hand/footprint then establishes in fantastic information and also is one of my favored baby handprint methods readily available.

The last alternative I want to speak about is infant handprint and also impact fashion jewelry. Utilizing either a inkless handprint package or painted impact kit it is now possible to minimize your baby's footprint or handprint to be captured permanently onto fine silver jewelry.

So as you can see there are lots of choices available to you if you are wanting to record your infant's footprint or handprint at home utilizing an easy to use child handprint kit.

You can likewise take your child hand print onto pottery and porcelains. The last choice for ceramic handprints is that you can take your infant's handprint utilizing paint or ink and after that have this scanned onto a cup utilizing electronic sublimation techniques.

There is also the option of an inkless baby handprint set which numerous healthcare facilities utilize to capture newborn infant handprints when they are initial born.




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