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6 Shot Glass Dispenser and Holder Dispenser For Filling Shot Dispenser


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6 Shot Glass Dispenser and Holder Dispenser For Filling Shot Dispenser

  • The 6 shot glass dispenser will certainly permit you to conveniently load up to 6 shot glasses at once with your favored drink and after that hold them up, all in one! Loads up several shot glasses at one time, conserves your time, stops waste, or spills.



  • 6 Shot Glass Dispenser Equally Gives This Glass Separator appropriates for 6 small glasses, glass separator items. Varied alcohol dispenser bottle shots, offers the best measurement every time, is a stylish as well as cool way of giving. Can be utilized with white wine, liquor, beer, water, juice, and also much more.


  • Easy to Use and also Portable Simply position all 6 shot glasses below the spouts and also pour fluid on top! It dispenses that fluid evenly to all the shot glasses below as well as boom.


  • High Quality Design Liquid MUST be poured into the direct facility to make certain even distribution right amount into every shot glass! ALL of the shot glasses are made 3D Printed from PLA plastic, high infill to make sure sturdiness.



6 Shot Glass Dispenser and Holder Dispenser For Filling Shot Dispenser


  • Happy Hour - Having some pals over who like to take a few shots? Looking to fill numerous shot glasses in one shot?


  • This 6 shot glass holder and also service provider will enable you to quickly fill up six shot glasses at the same time with your favorite drink of preference and then carry all of them in one shot!



  • Shot Glass Dispenser- NOT for big glasses, this is a smaller sized item meant for 6 little shot glasses.


  • House Bar Time - It's excellent for vacations, celebrations bars and also home bars. Enjoy your excellent wine gathering when you are extra in the house. 



  • Varied alcohol dispenser containers shots offer the excellent action each time, cool and elegant way of giving.


  • The liquor dispenser is terrific for holidays, events bars and also residence bars. Enjoy your great wine season when you are extra in the house.


KEEP IN MIND: This product is not dish washer safe. You may make use of luke warm water to cleanse the item if needed.

6 Shot Glass Dispenser Material - 3D Printed Plastic

- 3D Printed from environment-friendly plastics

PLA is a 3D printing plastic made from corn-starch or sugar walking stick. It is 100% biodegradable, as well as non-toxic. 3D published products made with PLA are durable, solid, and also useful things that stand up to life.



Shot Glasses are NOT INCLUDED

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