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4D Mascara Voluminous Eyelashes Waterproof Silk Fiber Lash Luxuriously


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4D Mascara Voluminous Eyelashes Waterproof Silk Fiber Lash Luxuriously 

INSTANTANEOUS VOLUME & LENGTH - 4D Mascara Voluminous Eyelashes Waterproof is deeply pigmented. As a result, it promptly produces strong and also magnificently dramatic lashes with simply a single application that highlight the elegance of your eyes and praise your general cosmetic make-up look.

Mascara is cultural universal, meaning that it is used across many different cultures. To name a few, the Catalan, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Latin and Western cultures all utilize mascara. In fact, the use of mascara dates back to ancient Egypt with what was referred to as Kohl or kajal. 



4D Mascara Voluminous Eyelashes Waterproof Silk Fiber Lash Luxuriously

REMAIN IN PLACE Throughout The Day WEAR - This long-lasting as well as water-proof Mascara formula guarantees that your eyelashes remain beautifully long, thick and also large all day with rain, wipes, and sweat. The galena component does its job to maintain your sex appeal.

EASY APPLICATION & REMOVAL - Its smooth and creamy mascara brushes up throughout all of your lashes without clumping up, flaking, or drying, developing appealing as well as perfect eyelashes with just one solitary application. Merely eliminate at the end of your day with your favored make-up eliminator.

NATURAL & HYPOALLERGENIC - This hypoallergenic 4D silk fiber lash mascara consists of gentle ingredients that are risk-free and also pleasant for delicate eyes as well as contact lens users.


4D silk fiber lash mascara provides your eyelashes an increase of volume and size promptly. Currently you can effortlessly accomplish your desired appearance!

Apply your mascara in the morning, as well as you will be covered all day. Keep gorgeous & strong like never ever before!

Say goodbye to spidery, flaky, and also unnatural looking lashes, and greet to dark, abundant, and also magnificent lashes.



Advanced thickening formula develops softer and fuller-looking lashes. Do you have skin? Get in touch with lenses? Not a problem. Your eyes will certainly be shielded by a safe and also all-natural formula.

If you're tired of your mascara smudging, clumping, as well as molting, this one is a video game changer. Attempt our smooth, feathery smooth formula that provides you a natural look.

Advanced thickening formula develops softer and also fuller-looking lashes. Get in touch with lenses? Your eyes will certainly be protected by a natural and safe formula.



It's time to say goodbye to squat lashes as well as hi to UNBELIEVABLY REAL LENGTH as well as VOLUME with our expert formula! This 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara has the power to boosts your lash appear like never ever before! See as much as a 500% boost in average size and volume with your very first layer-- and also you do not have to quit there. Whether you're feeling sassy or subtle, bold or elegant, the 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara will assist you go any place your state of mind takes you.

Experience the lash transformation on your own. 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara provides you crazy size as well as quantity without falsies, fillers, or extensions. This expert formula consists of extending fibers that can be used in layers to produce lashes that show up to maintain growth. 

It is time to get taken away by the smooth-coating, high-performance of 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara. All that it takes is simply a couple of swipes of a (enchanting) mascara wand!

Color: Black
Capacity: 13g
Suitable People: For all people



What 4D Mascara Does for You

Designed to provide you with fuller, longer lashes, and bring out a voluminous false lash effect, The False Lash Architect Waterproof mascara contains a water-based formula which keeps eyelashes looking lustrous for longer. The mascara is also enriched with 4-mm fibers, so working to lengthen, curl, and shade the lashes further. With a sleek design, this product is ideal for day and night wear. It also has built in hydrating beads which lifts and refresh the look of the eyelashes, while providing superior protection as well.


The False Lash Mascara comes in two versions, depending on how many lashes you wish to apply. With the Single color, you get a quick easy application with no mess or cleanup required. Simply apply over the lid and gently brush through to the base of the lashes for a dramatic look. Alternatively, for an extraordinary look, you can opt for the Double color mascara that gives you a luminous look with a dramatic false lash finish. This is ideal for an evening out, adding glamour and a dramatic look to your lashes.


Along with the stunning color, this mascara also features a number of other benefits. Due to its unique applicator design, it provides superior coverage compared to other mascara products. It also boasts an extended wear time with noticeable color not fading over time. With a natural blending formula, it offers dramatic color and intense color with a long-lasting natural finish.


As a result, this mascara offers a unique option for those who desire glamorous looks without having to spend hours outside. Also ideal for all skin types, both women and men, it is also incredibly affordable, making it ideal for any budget. Furthermore, unlike most other mascara products, this product does not clog up on the wand, so you can use it freely. This also makes it very convenient to wear.


If you are thinking of changing your eye color or changing your look altogether, this is one of the best products to consider. Unlike regular mascara that you apply to your entire eyelashes, this mascara also thins lashes for a dramatic look. Therefore, you don't need to worry about running out of lashes during your day. In addition to this, it is also safe to use. As it is water-based, you don't have to worry about damaging your eyes or your skin with it.


Another feature of this product that is great is that you can curl your lashes with ease. When you curl your lashes using the wand, you are able to achieve longer lashes without the mess or the time involved. Therefore, you are able to save time and money.



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