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4 Channel USB Mixer Bluetooth Digital Mini Audio Mixer 4 Channel


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4 Channel USB Mixer Bluetooth Digital Mini Audio Mixer 4 Channel


USB Interface: Connect your exterior USB, computer PC, Bluetooth device or flash drive to mix music.

4 Channel USB Mixer

Integrated Control: Make Use Of the integrated controls to pause or play, miss tracks and also switch between modes.

4 channel mixers

Wireless Bluetooth: Trouble and also cable-free audio streaming ability straight to the console device.

4 channel mixer

Low Sound: High headroom mixer with very simple functionality for expert vocal as well as instrumental noise.

mixer 4 channel

Suitable Use: Ideal forĀ combining sounds at your house, KTV, coffeehouse, recording studios, public address systems, podcast broadcasting, post-production, stage live efficiency and so on.

audio mixer 4 channel

- The mixer is quipped with an integrated 48V+ phantom power supply to utilize the direct power supply of any capacitor microphones.
dj mixer 4 channel
- The mixer is portable, as well as light-weight. They can be directly linkedĀ to the USB port ofĀ your computer to power the mixer without an added power supply.

dj 4 channel mixer

It can be run by connecting your computer to its USB for power supply, conserving the difficulty of using outside adapter. You can additionally make use of mobile phone's power supply or a USB adapter for power.

4 channel mixer dj

Perfect adjusting capacity

4 channel dj mixer

Modification: Gain; Medium/High/Bass; Echo; Quantity

2-Channel monophonic microphone / line channel input, 1 team stereophonic input, plus aĀ balanced time XLR microphone input socket. There is also a premium microphone amplifier.

4 channel usb audio interface

The capacity of adjusting is full, with tool pitch, echo, bass and quantity adjustment feature.

1 groups of primary network input, 1 groups of accessory channel outcome and return interface.

usb audio interface 4 channel

1-Channel independent sound recording and reproduction output and listening port.

Integrated in Bluetooth function, sustains a lot of the Bluetooth functionality of the electronic device tools cordless connection, fast docking.

Bluetooth usb 4 channel audio mixer
Also supports aĀ mobile storage device U disk. As such, you can save songs to a U disk to just insert play.

Smart compatibility with different devices: cordless microphone, power amplifier, smart phone, computer system, digital signals instruments, wired microphone, audio.

Button kind potentiometer, surface area concave and also convex anti slip layout, much better take care of, more accurate modification.
4 channel audio interface usb

Can connect to both a wired, wireless or capacitor microphone. Applicable to the household KTV, radio broadcasting, network host,Ā tuning, sound reinforcement systemsĀ recording, etc.

Built in reverb effect, by changing knob to readjust the reverb depth as well as delay effect.

Audio card function, has the purpose of refining computer vocal music.

You can contact specialist audio.

Numerous audio wire. 6.35 blossom joints, have great handiwork and steady transmission.

Easy style, light-weight as well as convenient, impact immune powder sprayed metal real estate, a lot more immune to drop, reduced sound, more long lasting 4 Networks Input:


Material: Metal
Size: About 185x155x60x30 mm (Length*Width*Max. Height*Min. Height)
Color: Black + Red
Total harmonic distortion : <0.01%
Frequency response: 20hz-20khz
Common mode rejection ratio: -75 db
Noise: - 80 db
Microphone input level: +24dBu
Line input level: +24dBu
Maximum output level: +26dBu

Package Includes:
1 pc*Ā Mini Audio DJ Mixer
1 pc* Cable



What You Need to Know About the DJ 4 Channel Audio USB Mixer

If you are considering purchasing a new mixer, whether it is for professional use or to start your own club or DJ's night, you may want to consider a DJ 4-Channel Audio USB Mixer. This type of mixer is perfect for anyone looking for maximum mixing options and features at an affordable price. If you have a good knowledge of music production or know someone who does, then this mixer could be perfect for you to purchase. You can mix music at home as well as at clubs and other places where you feel that you and your music are wanted. In fact, with the DJ 4-Channel Audio USB Mixer, you will find great features and functions that will allow you to make the most of your mixes and sets.


A DJ 4-Channel Audio USB Mixer can be used in both Mac and PC. The product comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box, and all you need to do is plug it in and let it do the work. Along with the mixer itself, you will also receive a pair of headphones so that you can listen to your mixes without having to disturb anyone else in the room. With the mixer, there are four channels that allow you to mix music. Each channel is specifically tuned to the beat of the music you are playing, so you will be able to match the beat of the music with the tempo of the music. In addition, this feature helps to make sure that your mixes are perfect all the way through.


There are other great features and functions on the DJ 4-Channel Audio USB Mixer. The onboard software is great for beginners and experts alike. Along with the ability to compare tracks with the beat, it will also give you the ability to see the differences between two different songs as they are played in order to make sure that the mix will sound best when played together. With the easy to navigate interface, you will be able to quickly identify which song you want to start on a new track and just start mixing with ease.


The built in sound card gives you the ability to plug in a variety of different sounds. The onboard sound card has been specifically designed to match the sound of many popular music genres including rock, hip hop, heavy metal, pop, and jazz. This is what gives the DJ 4-Channel Audio USB Mixer the ability to play many different types of sound with ease. Even if you don't know how to play these styles of music, the built in sound card is easily adjustable so that you can hear yourself play along and practice until you get the sounds just right. There are also knobs and sliders that are included on the mixer that allows you to change the style of sound or the level of bass so you can tailor the sound to any type of setting.


There are also knobs and sliders that are included on the DJ 4-Channel Audio USB Mixer to help you change the level of bass. You can adjust these levels to make the signal more noticeable or less noticeable so you can get the sound you want. This is a great feature to have when mixing because not everyone likes bass. If you don't like bass, but you need the sound for a particular beat in a song, this mixer has you covered. It also comes equipped with a tape monitor so you can listen to what your mix is while practicing.


One of the greatest features of the DJ 4-Channel Audio USB Mixer is that it is designed to be very easy to use. The mixer is very intuitive and comes with a user guide that has step by step instructions for you to follow. It also comes with an online tutorial that walks you through the entire process. This is a great feature to have if you are a beginner to the world of mixing because the tutorials that are provided with the mixer make mixing much easier to understand.

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