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30 MPH RC Cars High Speed RC Racing Cars 2.4GHz 4WD


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30 MPH RC Cars High Speed RC Racing Cars 2.4GHz 4WD


37 MPH (60 KM/H) 4x4 High Rate Competing Auto: With powerful personalized 550 Brushless electric drive electric motor get to maximum rate up to around 60+ KM/H 35+ MPH in a brief time. The RC automobile offer high rate as well as secure running efficiency will certainly make you enjoy a terrific racing experience with this 1:14 scale marvel.

Metal Oil Hydraulic Shockproof Off-road: Each wheel is installed steel helical spring shock absorbers, providing the capacity to protect against damages brought on by the resonance efficiently and also protect digital parts inside the vehicle body. It has an impact-resistant ABS body which ensures that it maintains a strong collision resistance which should not break if it drops from high altitude. Equipped with anti-crash off-road wheels design fits for indoors or outdoors to ensure smooth telemetry functioning. 

Rechargeable High Capacity 1500mAH Battery: The off roadway automobile are equipped with a 7.4 V 1500 mAh rechargeable Li-Po battery. Your new RC automobile for kids and also adults will certainly compete up to 25 minutes relies on your setup on the speed setting. Increase your satisfaction and made for high RC Competing performance and optimal ball differential propulsion.

All Surface & Gift RC Cars and truck: This broadband RC automobile with powerful electric motor can offer a remarkable racing experiences, these are perfect presents for youngsters & adults. Creative birthday celebration party present for young boys women, best back to college presents for youngsters.



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Material: Metal

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 31*20.5*11cm

Design: Cars

Features: Remote Control

Charging Voltage: 7.4V 1500mAh (built in)

Warning: Read Manual Carefully

Controller Mode: MODE2

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Package Includes: Batteries

Package Includes: Operating Instructions

Package Includes: Charger

Package Includes: Remote Controller

Remote Control: Yes

Age Range: > 14 years old

Steering servo: -

Certification: 3C

Power: 20000RPM 550 motor

Scale: 1:14

State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote control frequency: 2.4GHz

Control distance: 100m

Motor: 20000RPM 550 motor

Battery for car: 7.4V 1500mAh(built in)

Product Size: 31*20.5*11cm

Product weight: 880g

Controller battery: 4* 1.5V AA (not included)

Travel Time: About 7-10mins

Age: 14+


Package information:

Package size: 41.5*23*15cm

Package Weight: 1900g

Package list:

1* RC Car

1* Remote controller

1* Battery for car

1* Charger

1* Instruction manual

1* Small cross sleeve



 30 MPH RC Cars High Speed RC Racing Cars 2.4GHz Four Wheel Drive

When you are searching for a fun as well as difficult hobby, what regarding obtaining entailed with remote autos? There are great deals of ranges and also models available for you to select from and lots of fun to be enjoyed, however there are a couple of points that will certainly help you select what automobile you must buy as well as what your design is most likely to be. To ensure that you get the very most out of your RC car, maintain a few points in mind.

Are you going to be looking for a vehicle that can achieve terrific speeds, or are you seeking to go off roadway with your remote control car? Make certain that you know what you are planning to do with your remote control automobile before you make your acquisition.

Also, think about what your demands are going to be when it concerns array. For example, if you are just going to be chasing after your RC car, your range is going to be relatively slim. However, if you are likely to be competing on a track, where you are likely to remain in a stationary setting for the entire event, you will discover that even more range is likely going to be needed. Consider what your requirements are as well as buy as necessary.

Innovation has actually developed a great deal for many years, and that consists of the technology inside of remote control cars and trucks. Today there are autos that can function as boats, climb up steep cliffs, and also change from one vehicle right into another. The variety produces some difficult choices yet make certain you are not obtaining way too much car, or inadequate, for your needs. That push-button control cars and truck that can transform into a spectacular robot may be different and interesting, but if you will certainly never ever have an use for a feature like that after that you may want to leave behind that specific vehicle for another person to buy.


30 MPH RC Car

Some push-button control vehicles run on their own built in rechargeable battery power, such as nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and lithium polymer. While others need separate batteries bought from a 3rd party resource like a glow plug. It is in some cases beneficial to have a push-button control auto that you can bill from a wall outlet, or a power electrical outlet in your regular automobile or vehicle, and afterwards get it back when traveling once more. Some individuals like to trade batteries when the old ones are diminished. Determine what your choice is before acquiring your push-button control cars and truck.

The producers of remote autos attempt to make the most effective item feasible but not every vehicle can be everything to everybody. If you plan on really placing your remote control car with some difficult programs and obstacles, then it would certainly be in your benefit to invest money in an extra sturdy remote vehicle. At the very same time, you might be trying to find remote control automobiles that a bit much more disposable than the more costly ones, so you must make your acquisition based on your top quality requires.

Do you require to be able to view your remote control car at night? Lots of people forget to put in the time of day (or night) into account, however if you understand ahead of time that you will be performing a lot of remote cars and truck driving at evening after that be particular to obtain a cars and truck that is effectively equipped for that time of day.

When you are searching for a hobby which will simply allow you to have some genuine joy, do your research. Simply take the time to determine what kind of RC car you are most thinking about as well as think about what activities you are probably to take pleasure in. You will find that this could be one of the most enjoyable experiences that you have had in a long time!

We have a large array of remote control cars and trucks to select from. You will certainly discover folks around the world that will not really feel the exact same trill or interest for the design autos or aircrafts, like they do for R/C cars.

The original remote control vehicles were massive and had an attached which stayed affixed to the RC vehicle. Years later on they developed the cordless automobiles, still they really did not carry out or look like the ones we have today.

When placing together your remote control vehicles, you will assume that they were model sets, but they in fact work. You had so several alternatives as well as functions on these vehicles.

Functions such as extremely advanced stopping systems, dealt with tires, the information on the outside of the vehicles as well as naturally the advantage of the advent of shock absorbers, all these created make these autos really attractive. The very next step is to identify what fuel system will work best for remote cars that suit your use scenario.

Battery powered cars are one of the most prominent RC cars. The batteries are rechargeable, which indicates you will save great deals of money, because you will have to invest much money to replace the power source. A few batteries can offer you in excess of 70 miles per charge. 

Some RC cars operate with internal combustion engines. These vehicles, referred to as "Nitro Cars", use a special mixture of nitromethane, methanol and castor oil or synthetic oil.  Nitro cars makes use of a gas mix to power the solid state electric motors, as such, they can be a lot more powerful when the duty cycle is functioning at a higher ratio. You have to consider the use case when determining whether you should purchase an RC vehicle which uses nitro fuel. For instance, such RC cars are not recommended for children. Having said this, adults will certainly have a good time with this sort of push-button control auto throttle. Some of these gas powered two stroke engine RC vehicles even have a carburetor and internal combustion engine which produces torque through a driveshaft. 

There is a massive selection of RC cars. Consequently, you should sit down and create a list of precisely what you are looking for in RC cars. This will render your search far less complicated. 



The Facts About 30 MPH RC Cars


There is a great deal of interest in RC cars these days, especially when model enthusiasts can get their hands on some high-speed versions. Many of the high-end models are also highly sought after by racers who like the challenge and the speed of these cars bring. If you are one of these people, you will find that there are many different types of high speed RC cars available to buy.


What makes these cars so exciting is the fact that they can reach speeds of thirty miles per hour. This is definitely impressive, but it has not always been this fast. In the past, this type of vehicle was not really all that common. Because of the incredible advances in technology, however, high speed RC cars have become very popular. If you are interested in getting involved in this sport, you might be surprised at the many different types of cars that are available.


One of the first choices that you will have to make is which specific type of RC car you would like to own. There are several types, such as nitro RC cars and gas RC cars. You will need to determine which type of engine will best suit your needs. Each type of engine produces a different power output, so it is important to know what your expectations are. If you want to get your feet wet with high speed racing, you might want to consider purchasing a high-speed model with an electric engine.


In general, gas-powered cars have more power than nitro-powered models. The gas also tends to last longer and provide a smoother, more forgiving drive. Gas-powered cars also tend to be easier to repair if something does go wrong while you are racing. Nitro-powered vehicles do not need much maintenance, but they are not as fast as gas models, and their engines do not hold up to the extreme levels of speed that high speed RC cars can reach.


Many people enjoy purchasing high-performance models, but nitro-powered cars have another advantage that many people do not recognize. Because nitro is so highly compressed, these cars are capable of reaching extremely high speeds without any excess energy loss. Gasoline is lighter than nitro fuel, so the car has less of a tendency to lose energy as it goes over a long distance.


Before you buy any type of RC vehicle, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with high speed RC cars. There are several factors that influence the overall performance of a vehicle. You should try to find out how much fuel is required for the car to reach its maximum speed. You should also look at how long before it will have to be refueled. Knowing how long you can expect a high-speed car to run will help you decide whether or not you have the time and money to purchase one.


There are some high speed RC cars that come with two battery packs. These cars will reach their top speeds faster because they will be running at a high speed for longer periods of time. However, these types of cars tend to be more costly to maintain. They also require you to have two sets of batteries, so you may need to purchase an extra charger if you do not keep your charger charged.


 Some of the best high speed RC cars on the market are the Traxxas Slash and the Stalker. These two cars are extremely popular for a good reason. They offer excellent performance and they are very durable. They are manufactured in a way that allows them to run extremely fast for extended amounts of time, which also extends their lifetime. If you want to purchase a high speed model car, you should consider one of these models.


30 MPH RC Cars Can Be Found Online


For those who are new to off-road driving and high speed RC cars, you may not be familiar with the Japanese manufacturer's popular brand, Losi. Known for its long list of high-speed cars such as the Tatra, Dragonfly, Stratos, Banshee, Vagrant, Dragon, Goves, and Valkler off-road vehicles, Losi is a global leader in the production of performance vehicles. With its many years of building experience, Losi produces cars that are very similar to what top racecar teams use, but utilizes a motor which is similar to a  string trimmer. The radio controlled amplitude modulation toy is truly a wonder as the wheels are perpetually turned left to right by way of pulse-width modulation. Otherwise, they are controlled by way of electronic speed control (ESC) as well as servomechanisms. 


One of the most popular models from Losi is the Tatra. The Tatra is one of their more advanced models, but it still packs plenty of punch. With a full-body injection molded fiberglass body and powerful 4.2-horsepower nitro engine, the Tatra is one of the fastest cars on the market. It's strong point is its lightweight construction, high-speed capabilities, and off-road ability. It can handle well on grass and sand and it is almost completely impervious to punctures and dents.


The Dragonfly is another popular high-speed car from Losi. The Dragonfly is a good sports car for young kids and has been designed for high speed driving. Like the Tatra, the Dragonfly uses a fiberglass body frame for maximum strength and durability. It's lightweight construction also makes it easy to take care of and is very inexpensive compared to other high-speed cars. The car has a powerful engine that will get you up close to 120 miles per hour, making it perfect for anyone who enjoys racing.


The Valkler is another high-speed car that makes a great RC vehicle. Although it is not actually a racing car, it is one of the more popular models in the line. The Valkler is known for its rugged dependability and long service life. Many owners find that they are a great vehicle to take on weekends and long trips.


The Traxxas Slash is the newest model to come from Traxxas. This is the car that started it all and has set the standards that other high-performance cars have been trying to meet. If you are looking for a vehicle with speed, class, and a powerful engine, the Traxxas Slash would be a good choice. With a 1:18 scale, it's lightweight construction and high performance parts make this car a favorite among serious RC car enthusiasts.


The Dragonfly, Tatra, and Valkler are just a few of the high-speed cars that can be found for sale. You should be sure to do your research before buying so that you know which cars are the best for you and your RC hobby. There are plenty of choices out there, but the more you know about the different options the better off you will be. You'll be able to start practicing your driving skills and maybe even win some money if you are lucky enough to own one of the top ranked high speed cars.





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