The Meaning Behind Celestial Sun and Moon Jewelry

Mar 12, 21
The Meaning Behind Celestial Sun and Moon Jewelry

Do you want to learn more about Sun and Moon jewelry? If so, this article is for you. Specifically we'll discuss the meanings for both the Sun and Moon jewelry from both an ancient and modern perspective. After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of how the two interact with each other through examples.


A good way to understand the Sun and Moon jewelry is through an example. Let's say you are wearing a pendant with a sun and moon combination. The Sun will be the large circular pendant hanging from your necklace. You'll also see that it has a sun symbol in the oval at its top. This represents both the sun and the moon in their daily orbit around the earth.


For centuries the Sun symbolized fertility, health, and growth while the Moon symbolized the womb. The Sun also represents the sky and the moon are our night sky. When you look at the design of the Sun and Moon jewelry, you'll notice that the two objects are almost the same size. They also represent our intimate relationship with the universe as well as our own personal identity. The Sun and Moon symbols have not changed over the years just like our personal identities.


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One example of jewelry with both the sun and moon meaning is the Sun and Moon chain. This is made of black hemp rope with a sun and moon charm wrapped around the entire bracelet. The design has a sun in the center with the words "I am Sun" at the end. This bracelet is perfect for any time of the day or night.


For another example, we'll take the celestial body of Venus, the planet of birth, and the moon, the planet of death, as our examples. The outer portion of Venus is often times presented as the dark blue ocean, while the moon appears to be a small dark spot on the left side of the planet. The dark blue ocean signifies life while the moon symbolizes death. Each represents a different side of life.


Of course, there are many more ways in which to incorporate this simple but meaningful combination into your jewelry. Just remember to look at the sun and moon as a whole. Not just the parts. This will help you determine the meaning of your necklace. Whether you're looking for an everyday piece of sun jewelry or something for a special occasion to remember the ancient symbols of the sun and moon necklace and how they help you understand who you really are.