7 Advantages of Using Gaming Mice For Better Tracking

Mar 25, 21
7 Advantages of Using Gaming Mice For Better Tracking

When you look for the perfect gaming mouse for yourself or your computer, you may believe that either an ordinary optical mouse or a special gaming mouse is sufficient to achieve the task. However, in addition to this common misconception many people also fail to differentiate between an ordinary optical mouse and a gaming mouse, which have a couple of advantages and disadvantages. These differences may not be so obvious at first glance but they are there for sure.


There are three main advantages of using a mouse over a computer keyboard. The first advantage is that you would find more buttons on the screen. This would allow you to quickly access the functions of your computer mouse without having to move your fingers from below to above. An ordinary optical mouse would only have one or two buttons.


The second advantage of a mouse is that it comes with a cable, which allows you to connect it directly to your PC. Usually, a standard mouse has a wire harness that connects the mouse to the PC with the help of a connector. Wireless mice do not have these wires, they are wireless devices that simply communicate with the PC by emitting radio waves.


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The third advantage of a mouse is that it gives you the feeling of having a better hand. Optical mice give the feeling of having more precise control over the movements of your hands than those that use a wired mouse. This is not possible with a wired device, as all the actions of pressing the button or moving the mouse would be controlled by your hands. However, with a wireless device your hands are able to provide the physical actions necessary for inputting commands. With this input the movement of your hand can give you the feeling that you are actually playing the game rather than just operating a machine. In some cases, users would usually find this feature a benefit, especially if they use a lot of buttons or you are required to move your hands rapidly over various elements in the game.


The fourth advantage of a gaming mouse is that it is cheaper compared to a normal mouse. Usually, gamers purchase mouse pads to reduce the vibrations that are associated with an ordinary mouse. It also provides more friction and control over the actions of pressing different buttons. In some situations, these pads can cost several hundred dollars, whereas the gaming mouse itself would only cost you around forty dollars.


The fifth advantage of a gaming mouse is that it offers high sensitivity. High sensitivity means that the gamer would definitely have great control over the actions of playing the game. This is usually very important when the gamer wants to minimize his losses and win at the end of the game. With a standard mouse, losing every single frame of a game would definitely be depressing. With an optical mouse, gamers would definitely get frustrated faster because they would not be able to fully control their actions even if they know that they are not using a high sensitivity mouse.


The sixth advantage of a gaming mouse is that it is more precise when compared to a regular mouse. Usually, gamers are using high-precision mice for precision gaming and for other works where the movements of the mouse need to be accurate. For those who do not want to use high-precision mice, a standard mouse would usually do. However, for those who like to play games at faster speeds, a high-precision mouse would be better since it would be able to provide better tracking. If you are playing a first person shooter, you may want to buy a mouse that has faster tracking so that you can target your enemies more accurately.


The seventh advantage of gaming mice would allow you to adjust the size of the keys you are using at the same time. Usually, when you are playing games, you would not be using many keys. However, when you are focused on a game, you would use the entire keyboard for some actions. This could result in having bad eyesight if you are playing with a big-sized keyboard. In addition to this, your hands would tire very fast if you are using too many keys at once, which is why having a smaller one would allow you to use just a few at a time.