Why Use Air Pressure Plungers Instead of a Regular Plunger?

Mar 07, 21
Why Use Air Pressure Plungers Instead of a Regular Plunger?

For many people the use of a plunger and air pressure washes is not new, but new for them is the utilization of dual action cleaners. Dual action cleaners are more powerful and more efficient than traditional plunger-based cleaners. The reason to use a dual action cleaner is that it helps to remove more water from the drain in the short term and the long term. When a plumber cleans a drain with traditional plunger, the result is water that is left in the pipes for days. This water clogs the pipes and causes a variety of problems.


Plungers are good at cleaning a smaller diameter pipe and it won't leave as much water behind after it's used. But it also doesn't work well on larger diameter pipes. On larger pipes, water is able to leak through and ruin new piping, or even worse, cause new water leaks to occur in your home. If water is leaking into your home, you may notice water dripping from the appliances. If you turn off the water from your hot water heater, the water will eventually leak from the tank and go down the drain. The loss of hot water can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair.


Using an air pressure cleaner on smaller-sized pipes is just as beneficial, but you won't be cleaning as large of an area. But if you have a whole-house plumber's filter, you can clean the entire plumbing system in your home. But there is more to it. Using air pressure to force the water down a drain is just as beneficial as using a plunger.


When plumbers use water with air pressure, it helps to create more suction. This means the plumber can dislodge more materials and traps them there so they don't build up any old grease or grime. This is good for everyone in the home, including children and pets. Kids will love getting their hands on those toys that never get cleaned up. Pets can be trained to not crawl into those blocked drains again.


Air pressure plungers are also great for plumbers in industrial settings. In large plants and factories, they can help to loosen and remove thousands of pounds of dirt and debris every single day. When there is so much dirt, oil, and debris in the air, it's hard for workers to do their job properly. Using air plungers makes it possible to dislodge everything without actually having to use a lot of force.


Learning why some people choose to use an air pressure cleaner instead of a plunger is the same as learning why some people prefer to use a toilet. One would need to physically move and reach those hard to reach areas in order to clean them. Plungers do make the job a lot easier. If you are unsure whether or not an air-pressure cleaner is right for you, call a professional plumber for advice.

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