How to Use a Euro Hinges Jig With a Lathe

Apr 08, 21
How to Use a Euro Hinges Jig With a Lathe

European hinges are considered to be the most popular and easiest type of hinges available. This is because they are very reliable and do not require too much effort to install. They also provide excellent stability and hence can be used in a variety of applications. You need to have a good knowledge of how to use jigs and clamps before you install them for these are potentially very heavy and hence you need to be very careful with your installation.


european hinges jig

While choosing your hinges jig or clamp, it is important to go by the specification given by the manufacturer. They specify the weight of the jig and its maximum load capacity, among other things. Be careful when selecting clamps and jigs because not all of them are compatible with all drilling holes.


You will also need to purchase a quality set of drill bits in order to be able to penetrate the wood properly. The drill bits that you choose will determine the success of your drilling operation. It is vital that the bit you buy is able to cut through the wood at the required depth. Also ensure that the drill bit is of the right diameter to suit the specific wood you are working with. It is also essential to consider whether the bits you select will work in a variety of conditions.


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While installing the hinges jig, ensure that you follow the correct procedure to avoid any issues later on. Always ensure that you take your time and conduct the task with complete attention. It is also important to note that in case of a malfunction of the drill bit, the jig may become useless and you will have to start all over again. Be sure to choose a quality set of drill bits and a high-quality drill. Only then can you enjoy the benefits of using the jig.


A hinges jig requires approximately two hours to install. It is advisable to place the jig in the lathe first and then install the clamps and the fence in their proper location. Ensure that you do not install the fence before you install the clamps. This is because the clamps will hold the fence in place while the lathe works. You will not be able to make any adjustments in the lathe with the fence intact.


It is important to remember that the holes need to be drilled with the drill bit as vertical. As you are drilling the holes, you will notice that the holes will widen as you go deeper into the wood. It is advisable to check on the depth as you go into the wood. Make sure that you have an adequate amount of drill bit in the jig. You should always use a spade in the case of digging holes for the screws.


Once you have located all the necessary pieces, attach them to the lathe, and then screw them to the fence. When installing the clamps, ensure that they are firmly attached to the fence. Once this is done, attach the hinge blades to the hinge that is to close the piece. You can proceed to screw the fence into the wood using the nuts provided with the clamps.


To maintain your tools, lubricate the drill bits and the spindle nuts. If you notice any damage to the lathe or the parts, it is recommended that you replace the lathe immediately. Clean the lathe regularly using a solvent spray. You should also clean the hinges jig regularly, especially if you use the jig frequently. In case the jig develops a fault or if it develops cracks, repair it immediately to prevent any further damages.