Diamond Circular Saw Blade Maintenance Tips

Mar 12, 21
Diamond Circular Saw Blade Maintenance Tips

It is imperative to maintain your circular saw blade properly. Your circular saw will operate properly and last you for years if it is properly maintained. You should inspect it regularly for any cuts that need repair. If your diamond blade needs a repair, the problem is almost always the blade. There are several other causes of cuts on your circular saw blade and these will be discussed in detail below.


Cleaning and repairing your diamond band saw blade can be very easy if you use the right equipment. A simple wet rag and a diamond-tipped cleaning stick are all you need to clean your diamond saw. To begin, make sure your saw is turned off. Now hold the blade handle firmly in place, with the teeth facing up. Use the cloth to wipe off all the dirt and dust from the saw.


If you find there is any grit or steel that has become embedded in the diamond blade, gently remove it by flicking it off with a feather duster or the edge of a credit card. If there is still grit or steel left over, carefully file it down using a diamond-tipped saw knife. Be very careful when removing the steel from the diamond blade. If you are unsure about the procedure, contact a professional immediately. You do not want to damage the blade.


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If you notice that your diamond blade is dulling, it could be due to rust. This means that your saw blade needs to be filed with fine sandpaper to give it a good polish. This will also help the blade to stay sharp for a long time.


If you own an older circular saw, it's possible that the teeth are badly worn. If this is the case, simply soften them up with some oil. You may need to use a hair dryer to soften the metal as this can speed up the process. Once the surface is nice and soft, apply a coat of lubrication (acetone) to make the diamond blade run smoothly.


It may be necessary to clean the diamond blades on a regular basis. This is especially true if you are cutting any hard and soft materials such as plastic, wood or metal. Cleaning the blades does not require you to purchase expensive cleaning agents. All you need to do is follow the manufacturer's instructions. A mild solution of soap and water is great for cleaning even hard wood.


If you accidentally cut yourself on the circular saw blade, use a clean cloth to blot out the cut. Do not use any type of oil to try to stop the bleeding. An ice pack wrapped in a cloth and then put over the cut can help soothe the area. If you suspect that your saw blade could be badly damaged, seek immediate professional help from a diamond repair company.


One reason why diamond blades become dull is because of oxidation, which takes place when the material is exposed to an oxidizing agent for a long period of time. For example, when a diamond is cut, tiny chips of diamond crystals are released in the process. If the oxidation continues, the diamond will turn into a cloudy form. This is known as corundum. It is very difficult to restore corundum back to its original clear color, and it may never return to its original brilliance. For this reason, it is always important to properly care for your diamond saw, both to extend the life of the diamond blade and to ensure that it is able to perform flawlessly for many years to come.