Interactive Cat Toys Can Help Solve Feline Aggression

Mar 04, 21
Interactive Cat Toys Can Help Solve Feline Aggression

When buying interactive cat toys, a cat owner needs to think about buying a few cat toys because they help to keep your feline friends mentally alert, physically fit, and happy. But which are the best interactive cat toys for indoor cats? And how do you know which ones will get your cat to take to them? Here is a look at the different types of cat toys available and what their benefits are to your cat.

The first category of toys is ones that chase. Cats naturally like to chase and play and these interactive cat toys for cats that chase are perfect for this. There are a few types of these including a high speed spring attached to a rope or chain. This allows the toy to run through a loop until it catches the cat, at which time it releases a small shock! Reviews say that most cats seem to enjoy chasing this toy, but if your cat gets a bit too carried away it can scare him or her.

Catnip toys are also very popular with cat owners and many of these come in attractive plastic containers. Catnip is a natural calming agent and has been proven to help reduce stress levels, so it is no wonder that this is one of the top toys on the market. Catnip toys have a few different varieties including tea ball shaped pieces, sticky balls or gum balls plus there are special catnip mixtures which you can add to your catnip liquid to make a more concentrated version suitable for training or when playing with other cats.

Another popular brand of cat toys that many dog lovers purchase are rubber toys. These toys have a strong smell, which some reviewers like and which is particularly pleasing to your cat's sense of smell. They come in all shapes and forms and the various parts are designed to be easy for you to clean up. The main complaint from reviewers is that the taste of the rubber may be a little too strong for some cats but most reviewers like the taste. This is a very reasonably priced toy that offers a lot of value for the money.

There are also a range of designer kitty toys on the market for predatory feline behavior. Some manufacturers have tackled the problem of feline aggressive behavior head on by producing anti-cat aggression kitty toys. These toys are aimed at stopping predatory feline behavior and can be used to stop your cat from clawing and biting things around the house. The majority of reviews on these toys are positive but there are a few bad reviews too. Remember that like most products, the only people who can tell you honestly what the pros and cons of any product are will be those who have purchased it.

If you own cats and think they might have a bit of trouble controlling their wild tendencies, why not look into some interactive cat toys for a solution. Interactive cat toys help to condition and reinforce your cat's natural predatory behaviors and make training a lot easier. They are great for cats with serious feline, predatory behavior. Cats can learn how to use their claws effectively and prevent themselves from causing damage to furniture and even other animals.


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