Dog Hair Clippers and How They Are Used

Mar 09, 21
Dog Hair Clippers and How They Are Used

It is vital that you take time to groom your dog regularly, but if you are like most people, it is very difficult to find the time to groom your dog. Fortunately, you can use dog hair clippers to trim your dog's hair. There are many different types of dog hair clippers for dogs that you can purchase or hire to groom your dog. Here are some things to consider when deciding which type of dog hair clippers for dogs is best for you.


best dog clippers for matted hair

Humans have been using dog hair clippers for dogs as early as the 15th century, but they were not always very effective. The first human hair clippers for dogs were simply hair-clipper-like contraptions that humans wore on their fingers. These were not very efficient because humans usually used their fingers to handle the dog's hair instead of the clippers' teeth. Eventually, someone began developing a more efficient design: scissors that had teeth on the end that are designed to cut through the hair. When these first scissors for dogs hit the market, they immediately became popular.


If you decide to buy a clipper that is made especially for use on dogs, you may want to ask a pet store clerk that pet breeds they are sold by. Most reputable pet stores will be happy to recommend which types of dog clippers are the most effective. However, if you cannot find the name of a specific brand on the shelves, you can always ask the clerk for his recommendations or search online for reviews of different dog grooming products.


Different types of hair grooming clippers include straight-edge blades and nail clippers. Some of the clippers available for sale come with adjustable metal trimmers and blades, allowing owners to adjust the amount of pressure that passes through the blades. Some straight-edge clippers are also available with diamond-tipped blades, allowing the owner to more precisely remove hair from thicker areas.


Many of the clipper's blades come in various colors and patterns. You can also purchase clippers that vibrate, making it easier to pick up stray hairs. There are even clippers designed to allow the owner to dry the hair right on the dog, removing all moisture so it can be combed or washed as necessary.


If you plan to trim your dog's coat yourself, you may find it helpful to purchase a double coat brush with a comb attachment. After you purchase your own clipper, you can try using a brush to dry off the dog's hair first. This is especially important if you do not have a towel handy.

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