What is a Tactical Pen?

Mar 10, 21
What is a Tactical Pen?

What is a tactical pen? A full opposite of the plain, cold steel pivot share, this is basically an aesthetically pleasing writing instrument, made from anodized aluminum and finished in black. One of my personal favorites, this is exactly the opposite of a normal pen; a high-quality product that can be considered a good back up in case you lose your pen or if your desk got destroyed by your writing utensil. One of my favorite features, a retractable nib made of Teflon-coated stainless steel, gives this tactical pen a super-sleek, modern look.


One of my favorite things about this pen is its layout. The front of this tactical pen is divided into two sections: a larger grip section with a primary weapon grip and a secondary grip with an ink reservoir. One of my favorite things about this pen is how it lays out the whole system. With its primary weapon grip on top, and its ink reservoir on the bottom, the entire system lays laid out in such a way that it actually looks like a pen, not like a pencil.


With a tactical pen, most of its functions are built around the grip. On the front of this pen are a spring clip that can easily be popped out for cleaning, an eyelet that protect the nib in case of accidental nib spillage, and a cap ring with which to securely lock the nib in place. At the bottom, there is also a rubberized grip section to give the user a solid hold. This section will allow you to lay your pen down flat, and even when you are in a rush, the grip will lay flat on your fingers. This means no loose bristles, and that makes a world of difference when writing. With these few functions, the only other thing that distinguishes this pen from others is its tip.


As far as what is a tactical pen is concerned, the tip is what differentiates it from all the other self defense pens out there. Most of them, at least the good ones, have a normal, straight point that does not work particularly well for many applications. However, the pointed tip of a tactical pen allows for more pointed thrust and also allows for a more humane angle of impact as compared to a straight point. While a standard point will likely do the job against any attacker, the pointed tip offers an assailant something to latch onto.


Another way in which what is a tactical pen differs from other pens is in its locking mechanism. With most other models, the locking mechanism is on the barrel, meaning that there are two separate openings: one to take the nib out, and another to take the cap off. What is a tactical pen, however, has a unique design where the grip secures the entire assembly together. This means that while the pen itself cannot be removed, the entire structure can be taken apart and manipulated by pulling the trigger, releasing the grip, and doing the same again. This, combined with the fact that the cap can be removed very easily, means that the pen does not need to lock up in its entirety, and is therefore a much safer model than its competitors.


So what is a tactical pen? In essence, it is an upgraded tactical stick or knife. While it can certainly be used as such, the real reason to purchase one is for its added effectiveness as a self-defense weapon. If you want to buy one, make sure to look for an EDC version, as these are typically smaller and more compact, offering less chance of accidental firing or injury. You can also find versions that are made for both tactical and survival pen use.

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