Installing A Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

Apr 02, 21
Installing A Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

One of the most important items you'll want to protect while riding your motorcycle is your motorcycle's handlebars. The bar on the handlebars should be locked when parked and locked when on the bike. A motorcycle lock system can help you accomplish just that. But why do you need a motorcycle lock and what are the benefits of a motorcycle lock?


Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

There are several good reasons to consider a lock for your motorcycle. First, a motorcycle lock can help prevent people from stealing your bike. Because it is so easy to remove a lock, thieves will usually choose a bike that does not have a lock. This means that you will probably be a target if you don't lock your bar. In fact, many insurance companies will not insure you if you do not use a motorcycle lock system.


A second reason to consider a lock for your bike is that it can help prevent you from an accident. When you lock your bar, you are actually preventing yourself from locking your hands behind the wheel. This can actually reduce your chances of an accident since locking your hands means you are not likely to be moving your arms while you are driving. This is especially important because you tend to lose control more easily when your hands are trapped behind the wheel. It can also make it easier to stop in an accident since there is no longer a possible way to turn the motorcycle away from the other driver.



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There are several different types of locks you can use on your motorcycle. One of the most popular is a single motorcycle lock, which is a simple bar lock that fits over the top of the handlebars. Another option is a double motorcycle lock, which is two bars that lock together. You can also get what is called a triple-bar lock, which has three locks. These are generally used for larger vehicles like race bikes or touring bikes. However, they are also available for smaller vehicles as well.


The quality of the lock and the type of locks you have on your motorcycle will have a large effect on how secure your ride is. If you have one of the higher quality locks, it will be difficult for anyone to break into without having a key. The bars will be very sturdy, meaning it will be very hard for anyone to push the lock open from either the inside or the outside of the bar. There will be deadbolts on the bars of the lock that keeps them locked in place. There will be a series of pins in place that need to be turned in by hand to free the lock. Most locks will have a key that is required to open them, but you can usually buy additional keys to allow you to gain entry to the lock yourself should the need arise.


Because most motorcycles have a single bar lock, it is much easier to add another layer of security by installing a motorcycle handlebar lock on the top of the existing lock. This way, even if you do not have a key for the lock, you can still access the bars by turning the lock in and out by hand. It will take more effort to remove the locks, but since there will be two sets of bars to turn, it will take longer to complete the process than with one single bar lock.


There are two types of motorcycle handlebar locks that are common, and these are the bolt-on and the lift-off system. Both of these systems work fine on their own, but if you need to install a bar lock that features lift-offs, you will need to install a lift-off bar as well. Lift-offs can be installed on any type of bar lock but typically are preferred for those that are made from a lighter material, like aluminum or stainless steel.


When installing the bars, make sure that they run parallel to each other. If they are not already installed, be sure to install them according to the manufacturer's instructions. After you have installed the bar locks, test to make sure that they are working correctly, and lubricate all moving parts to ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible. With a little bit of maintenance, your motorcycle can be looking good as new.