What Are Cell Phone Microscopes?

Mar 12, 21
What Are Cell Phone Microscopes?

What are cell phone microscopes? Cell Phone Microscopes is one of the most amazing inventions. They are a gift that keeps on giving and have saved me countless hours of reading text messages, talking on the phone, admiring family photographs and more. We all use them in our daily lives to read small print and take picture scans of things around us such as license plates, business logos, and much more. A cell phone microscope is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can magnify objects two thousand times!


How are cell phones used in crime scene investigations? These special cell phones have been instrumental in many different types of investigations. As I mentioned above they are used by many professionals and I am sure you have met or heard of the CSI team that are experts in this field. These professionals use them to find evidence at a crime scene, usually using a cell phone.


What are cell phone microscopes and what type do they consist of? Most cell phones have a built in microscope attached to the cell via a small USB port. This microscope is usually covered in a carrying case which is convenient if the case is lost or misplaced. The microscope serves a couple of purposes.


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One of the main purposes of a cell phone microscope is when a crime is close to being solved, the crime scene investigator takes pictures with a cell phone microscope to better comprehend what is going on. Often, with a simple digital camera with a cell phone microscope could be able to take a picture of the person who committed the crime just seconds after the offense. These microscopic cameras are not expensive and can be purchased for under a hundred dollars. If you decide to buy a good quality microscope for your cell phone it will cost you anywhere from twenty-five to several hundred dollars.


When a crime is solved with a cell phone microscope it is often used by crime lab personnel to determine the quantity of marijuana that was recovered from the suspect's cell phone. If you're involved in any investigation where you have a suspect who has been busted for pot, this is one of the things that you will need to do to nail that person. Another great thing about a cell phone microscope is that it is possible to take high-resolution pictures and store them on your computer so that you can look at them whenever you want. Cell phone forensic examinations are becoming more common, and these types of microscopes are extremely helpful in obtaining the evidence that you need.


So, now you know what a cell phone microscope is and how it works. Next time you go to the market or walk into a science laboratory think about purchasing one of these handy tools. You might just be saving someone else a lot of time and possibly a bit of money as well. Just picture in your mind what it would be like if a criminal was caught with pot in his possession. How would you feel if you had the tools that are necessary to prove this crime?