Using the 360 Camera Stick to Get Great Shots

Apr 12, 21
Using the 360 Camera Stick to Get Great Shots

One of the most useful gadgets available for those taking selfie pictures is a rotating 360 camera stick. This handy device enables you to take a photo from any direction, adjust the angle, focus and also rotate the image as required. As soon as you remove the stick from one place to another, the photo will be positioned automatically according to your current location. You can therefore easily adjust the position of one of your images without having to get up from where you have been sitting for a while.


rotating selfie stick

The 360 camera stick is made up of durable plastic and is lightweight and hence easy to carry. It attaches easily on the front or back of any self-respecting smartphone. The rotational ability of the camera makes it ideal for taking photographs of friends and family travelling together or travelling apart. It acts just like a normal compact camera and hence is often carried in pockets or purses.


A 360 camera stick can also act as a very effective device. A few advanced models have an ability to automatically capture photos on the spot, depending upon where you are taking them. They are perfect if you want to capture action shots of large groups of people in action such as running, playing or exercising in the open air. They can even act as a guide for those who are new to hiking or trekking as they guide their steps.


Many users have found it convenient to use the Stick while travelling. It is easy to set up and thus saves a lot of time and effort. You don't need to remove your phone from its charging base to use it while travelling. Your Stick also remains fully operational till you reach your destination. You just need to keep it in one place, snap a photo and immediately share it on the internet, email or text your friends.


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In addition, if you are a photographer or a film maker, you can get the best out of this useful gadget. There are a number of cameras with Sticks already fitted in them. This gives a perfect opportunity for those who love photography or film work to take pictures using their own devices. They need not purchase an entirely new Stick and can transfer all their photos and films on to the Stick. They can then enjoy the results of their work in the comfort of their home.


However, if you do not have the money to spend on a new Stick, there are a number of second hand options available in the market as well. There are cameras with Sticks available at a very reasonable price. The device may look like an ordinary camera but inside it may contain several features that make it very efficient. One such camera is the Flip Slide 360 camera stick by Eastman.


It is one of the easiest devices to operate. The Flip Slide 360 camera stick can be easily transferred from one place to another. You may use it while shooting video too. This gives you several options regarding how you can transfer your images from one place to the other.


It has a great recording ability and it does not require any additional cameras to connect. It can connect to a PC or laptop to transfer images. If you are tired of carrying different cameras around you may just buy this handy Stick camera to enjoy the convenience of capturing photos and videos everywhere you go.


The camera has a micro USB port that allows connection to a computer or a laptop. There is also a headphone jack so that you can easily view your recordings on your mobile phone. The device is very compact and it weighs almost forty-five grams. Its three-inch screen makes it easy to view the recording without straining your eyes. The three-inch screen may not be ideal for those who are looking for large viewing areas.


Many people prefer to get this camera instead of an expensive digital camera as the price difference is quite noticeable. However, one should not be disheartened by this fact. There are a lot of companies manufacturing similar products. If you are looking for something slightly better you can always choose the Flip Ultra HD camera stick instead of the Flip 360 camera stick. The HD version has a high quality lens which produces crisp and clear images.


It also allows you to record more than one video clip at the same time. This is an advantage especially if one wants to get to show all the different videos that he/she has recorded. This device is compact and comes with a carrying case. It may not be as reliable as the camera bought with higher prices but it certainly is one of the best buys in its category.