What Is a Build On Brick Mug?

Mar 11, 21
What Is a Build On Brick Mug?

When you think of what is a build on brick mug what image do you conjure up? Perhaps you imagine the giant, glazed, gleaming building that you see when you go to the mall. Maybe you envision something that is similar but more utilitarian - a coffee mug that has two handles and a built-in lid. But whatever your picture, it's clear that the build-on mug would be enjoyed by people from all walks of life as long as it didn't have sugar or caffeine in it.


Brick mugs have been popular for many years. In fact, some stores still offer them as promotional items. These practical mugs have long since become a staple for many American homes and businesses. And as building blocks go, the building block type of mug comes with several benefits that can appeal to everyone.


The build-on construction of the mug means that the sides are simply glued to the front and back of the mug. This eliminates the need for a handle, which makes these mugs easier to hold. Since there are no handles, there is also no mess or frustration associated with them. People can use their regular mugs and dispense hot liquid without any mess. With this convenience, what is a build on brick mug most appealing?


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Probably one of the reasons these mugs have become so popular is that they are quite affordable. While a traditional mug will set you back just about $30, they are worth it. These mugs are made from recycled materials and thus, they are not harmful to the environment.


If you want to purchase a mug that has a built-in lid, make sure that you do so when it is cold. Some mugs will not open when the temperature outside is cold. These mugs may be too tall for your beverage cup or the opening may be too small. If this happens, your drink will not be warm enough. Thus, consider purchasing an insulated mug.


The traditional construction of a traditional mug means that the drinker must rest the mug on a table or stand while lifting the mug to drink. The build-on construction of what is a build on brick mug means that the mug rest can be lifted without the need to rest the mug on any surface. Simply place the mug, with its attached built-in lid, on a table or counter. When the temperature outside dips below freezing, the built-in glass lid will ensure that your drink stays warm until it is refilled. The convenience of this type of mug is unmatched by any other.