What Are Bento Boxes?

Mar 09, 21
What Are Bento Boxes?

There are quite a few questions and confusion that surround the question of what are bento boxes, and where exactly do they come from. Essentially, the bento box is simply a Japanese-style rectangular container with a handle on one end for easy carrying and/or holding. The basic purpose of a bento box is to serve lunch or dinner as part of a more extensive meal or as an activity for kids. In Japan it is a rather common feature in many homes where meals are taken more seriously, and it is seen as more than just a food or meal replacement - it is also seen as a way of marking time as well as sharing a meal.


In the West, bento boxes have been adopted as a lunch replacement or for special occasions such as weddings, births, and anniversaries. They can be purchased pre-made at specialty food retailers and usually come in round, square, or rectangular shapes. There are now even bento boxes available in various shapes including oblong, heart-shaped, or in the classic sushi shape. Most boxes are filled with either white or yellow fillings, although there are some specialty boxes that are available which have chocolate or fruit fillings as well.


It is not uncommon to find bento boxes sold in markets or even in grocery stores but it is not uncommon to see bento boxes being made by restaurants as part of a special offer. Most restaurants will make a number of bento boxes for sale when they have a special dinner or two in-store. These are typically smaller in size than the typical sushi box. These boxes are usually meant to be moved rather than rolled. The rice and other filling inside the bento box are generally served on top of a nori seaweed sheet so it can be wrapped nicely for transport.


The reason for the popularity of these boxes is probably because they are very convenient to carry. When they are filled with rice, a typical bento box is about two to three inches thick. Some may be slightly smaller, but that is far thinner than the average grocery store sushi roll. These bento boxes are very easy to carry from place to place and they can also be delivered directly to your home. You can even have bento boxes delivered to your doorstep as part of a party.


What are bento boxes used for? Today, you will find that these boxes are very common in the kitchen. For one thing, they are easier to store. If you have a bunch of different specialty foods in your refrigerator, you can easily put them all in one container with a bento box. They are also very convenient to take to work with you as you need to prepare meals for work or school children.


As you can see, there are many reasons why people now use what are bento boxes. They are very convenient to use, they are fairly inexpensive, they are made to be durable, they are available in a wide variety of sizes, and they are fun to pack with. That last point is especially important if you are trying to promote healthier eating while increasing your own exercise habits. While best food may look boring, it actually has a lot of nutritional value. If you combine it with other delicious foods, you will surely have a great tasting treat.

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