What You Should Know About Your High-Speed Radio Controlled Cars

Apr 07, 21
What You Should Know About Your High-Speed Radio Controlled Cars

For many people today, 30 MPH RC cars are simply impossible to live without. The rapidity with which these cars travel from a standstill to moving at a very high speed is a thrill for all who dare to try. Some of these cars are not just limited to being high speed electric cars. In fact, there are some real high-speed electric RC cars that can be used for racing competitions.


The Acme RC Flyer Car is one of these high-speed electric RC cars. This vehicle is powered by two high-speed lithium battery packs. A lithium battery is a popular choice because it is so powerful and is so light weight. The batteries used in high-speed electric RC cars are usually powerful enough to provide an electric motor with enough juice to accelerate the vehicle to its maximum speed in a short time. These batteries are also quite durable, so they can provide years of use before having to be replaced.


Another popular high speed electric RC car is the X-lag electric RC car. The X-lag high speed electric RC car is similar to the flyer above, but it is designed to move at a much higher rate of speed. The electric motor is capable of maintaining its high speed even after the vehicle has been turned around. The vehicle uses high speed lithium batteries to power the high-torque engine.


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An electric RC car's speed is often derived from the amount of energy it has available to it. A high-speed electric RC car needs to have the most available juice it can to accelerate and maintain that speed for the longest amount of time possible. Having lots of juice simply means the engine will be able to make the maximum number of rotations per minute (RPM).


High speed lithium batteries are used in these high-speed electric RC cars to produce the maximum amount of torque. These fast, high performance batteries are expensive and can be very expensive to replace. However, they will last longer than other types of batteries. When they do wear out they can still provide you with hours or days of fun and they are well worth the cost. It may be necessary to replace your batteries every few months or so, depending on the conditions, but in general you should expect about six to eight charging sessions for each session.


If you find your batteries are not holding up too well, it could be that your charger is not strong enough. Many high-speed electric RC cars have what are called trickle chargers. These are smaller chargers designed specifically to charge the batteries while your vehicle is being used. A regular charger will overheat and damage your batteries. This is something you should check before you start using your vehicle.


If your high-speed batteries are beginning to show signs of dying out, it might be time to change them out. Most of these batteries have a limited life span. If they are overcharged, they will not hold as much power, and this can decrease their overall range. Also, they run out of power more quickly than other types of batteries.


If you want to get faster and more efficient, it may be necessary to change the type of battery you use for your high-speed electric RC cars. The most common choices are nickel cadmium, or NiCad. Both are good for high speed, but they are also the highest energy consuming. Nickel cadmium is a little better for lower speeds and constant running, but both have their pluses and minuses.