Toy Trains That Stack Dominos Behind Them Are Great For Kids

Mar 14, 21
Toy Trains That Stack Dominos Behind Them Are Great For Kids

What would you say if I told you there was a toy train that stacks dominos behind it? Would you believe me? The good news is that this is very possible. There are manufacturers that have figured out a way to make this happen and you can have a train that will stack dominos behind it as well. Here's how it works.


domino stacking toy train

First of all, most toy trains that stack dominos behind them use a weight to get them to where they need to be. The heavier the train, the higher it needs to be in order to pull that car back. Think about it. What do we use a weight for on a toy train? We use it to make the train cars move.


You can have a train that is very heavy and the cars won't move because the weight is keeping them from moving. Now you can have a train that is very light and the cars will move because it is balancing two objects. It sounds complicated but it's not.


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The train cars that are on top of the toy train is what makes the train to work. It moves by having the bottom of the train run out onto the floor while the upper part of the train runs up onto the platform. You have to figure out when each part of the train will stop. You'll also need special brake shoes for the cars so they don't fall off. There are systems in place that keep the car from falling until the last car hits the platform.


The first thing you want to do to set up your toy trains that stack dominos behind them is to have a thin piece of board between them. You can use a thick piece of plywood or expandable sheet metal. This allows you to place the train cars at any angle so they can be viewed from all areas. It is important to have a clear view of the toy train from every angle, otherwise you may get ambivalent looks from passersby.


Once you've determined where you will put each car on the toy train, then you will want to build the tracks. Just like with the toy trains that stack dominos behind them, the track has to be laid to the appropriate distance between the cars. You will need to make sure there is plenty of room for the train cars. If you add more cars then you will increase the length and width of the track. Make sure the height is correct or else you might have a lot of skidding when the train goes over the jump.